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December 27, 2017

Forbes suggests that according to research, a healthy and satisfied workforce can reduce costs by more than $1,600 per employee. This results in reduced leave days and a more productive work environment. Succeeding and prosperous organizations are gradually shifting their gears towards Employee Wellbeing initiatives as it is reflective of the organization’s values. By making these initiatives priority, companies can target long-term gaps within an organization. Employee Wellness programs aim to tackle all the struggles of the workforce which vary from physical stress, mental health, injuries and illnesses. A critical item in a CHRO’s agenda is to build a competent structure to achieve these goals while gaining sustainable competitive advantage. In year 2016, 2.9 million employees reported non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the United States alone. Businesses are spending large sums of money to cover the costs of Employee health and safety. These figures underline the impact workplace health and safety, incident reporting and risk management can have on a company.

Sodales Solutions has a growing customer base across several industries in the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). Sodales continues to provide configurable ready-to-deploy SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF) Cloud extension applications in several areas of the industry. In doing so, Sodales has progressively expanded their expertise into the latest emerging use cases. As a company, Sodales combines industry best practices and design thinking to solve any use case.  Recently, Sodales implemented a solution for a customer in the Healthcare industry to enhance their Risk Management solution. Design thinking methodology involves bringing a diverse group of 7-13 people from the client’s site into a room where they discuss the use case and brainstorm together. It is important to include SMEs from various backgrounds to get an understanding of all different perspectives and personas involved in the process. Through design thinking, companies can quickly achieve a gap analysis or conduct journey mapping. In journey mapping, the design thinkers understand the current steps in the company’s process flow and pinpoint the issues at hand.  Next, they determine which of these issues they wish to resolve through a new proposed solution. In the past, Sodales has used design thinking methodology for “projects” in which case, they design an application from scratch. In design thinking sessions for projects, Sodales executes storyboarding with the customer. Storyboards can be in the form of quick sketches on paper or white board to innovate iterative designs for the new solution. Once the paper prototype is finalized it is uploaded on a tool that allows to visualize a functioning prototype. It is best to take advantage of any tools available to build these low fidelity prototypes rapidly. A tool that Sodales frequently uses is SAP Build. This tool allows valuable features such as the ability to share your prototypes with members that are not on-site, the heatmap which is used for usability testing, gathering feedback on the prototype online and/or tracking time consumed by participants to study the prototype, etc. These low fidelity prototypes are later converted to high fidelity deployable prototypes after multiple iterations and are redesigned to fit the customer’s requirements. In “projects”, the design thinking is very heavily focused on the user interface, look and feel. “Product” deployments use an unrelated design thinking approach. The latter was used with Sodales’ most recent client, in which Sodales demonstrated their own EHS Employment Health and Safety product to the customer. Sodales then captured the gaps in the customer’s current process flow, establish a modified process flow, and created a prototype with the same look and feel using extensibility points and working data. This method has proven to be highly affective for Sodales in scoping the product accurately and efficiently. This is how the Risk Management solution was born.

The Risk Management and Incident Reporting solution by Sodales is a role based application that uses Fiori UX design. The solution provides a seamless, automated and configurable role-based solution for employees, HR managers, investigators and the supervisors in the client’s company. Security maintenance is crucial as there is exchange of a lot of confidential information in a process like this one. Each member logging in will only have visibility into applications that have been assigned to their roles. This means that a supervisor might see less tiles than an HR manager because an HR manager’s role requires more tasks on a day-to-day basis in the incident management process. This application provides a single point of entry that supports an end to end lifecycle for health, safety and risk management which includes investigation, recording and tracking of various incident types such as stress risks, ergonomic risks, injuries, near misses and accidents.

The solution allows attachment of forms that need to be filled during reporting of an incident or while requesting ergonomic assessments. Trigger notifications are sent out to required team members via text or email for follow-on activity and a collaborative workflow. The solution is designed to allow uploading of investigation notes, processing of sign offs and maintenance of a historic timeline for each incident. The solution runs in real-time and provides status updates as well as some very important analytics based on the most recent data generated through KPI tracking.  System can also generate important legal forms using data reported such as OSHA 300 and 301 forms. Most importantly, the solution allows companies to proactively manage risk in case any employees feel threatened by another individual’s behaviour. Users can report individuals, their names, the nature of risk by uploading a photo of the individual into the system, in order to identify them in case of threat.

The Risk Management solution is a very extensive application which Sodales has been very excited to deliver. To learn more about the EHS/Risk Management solution, access the application through the SAP App Center by clicking on link below:!overview

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Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) solution extension partner. Sodales provides configurable and ready-to-deploy cloud extensions for Unionized Workforce, Health & Safety, Labor Relations, Healthcare Scheduling, Effort Reporting, Grants Management, Performance Management and Academic Management. Sodales has referenceable customers across industries and geographies for SCP applications. Sodales has expertise in SCP DBAAS, SCP Mobile Services, WebIDE plug-ins, S/4 HANA extensions, SAP Smart Business Apps, SAP SuccessFactors Extensions, SAP Ariba Extensions, and is now expanding rapidly into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space.

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