The Emerging HR Trends in 2022

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April 13, 2022

Covid-19 has shaped an enormous shift in the way we work. This has welcomed the emergence of new technologies and encouraged the dramatic changes in our approach and relationship to work for every employee and employer alike.

Organizations and their Human Resource Departments (HR) must lean into the major trends for 2022 including digital transformations, employee well-being and mental health, and workplace flexibility in order to keep their employees motivated and drive employee retention. The following trends will change the landscape of Human Resource Management and an organizations culture in the coming years.

1. Embracing a Hybrid Work Model

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations world-wide were forced to embrace a work from home or hybrid work style, where their employees are working either completely remotely or a combination of both remotely and on-site. Employers have learned to empower their employees and keep them motivated to work despite the challenging circumstances shifting the focus from where their employees are working to improving results. The success of this change to work environments has created an HR trend that is here to stay for the future.

2. Focusing on Employee Well-Being

Employees can be your most valuable asset as an organization, but before now employee engagement was primarily only recognized by Human Resources Departments and hasn’t been centre stage for most organizations. But due to the many world events over the last two years, organizations have realized that unengaged employees can limit your productivity, innovation and even your bottom line. It has been shown that employees that are highly engaged are more productive and play a pivotal role in your organization’s growth and success. In a recent study on the state of the workplace, it shows that organizations with a highly engaged workforce have seen a 17% increase in productivity and achieved 59% less turnover, which ultimately leads to greater profitability for your organization. This shows just how important it is for your organization to make employee wellness and engagement a strategic priority for 2022 and years to come.

3. A Multi-Generational Workforce

As we are well into the 2022 year, organizations are comprised of employees from up to five different generations ranging from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. As the workforce continues to become multi-generational, organizations must work to manage and fill these generational gaps. This can be challenging for many organizations, as you must identify and comprehend the multi-generational workforce’s behaviours, perceptions and expectations and determine the appropriate solutions for each.

4. Cloud-Based Technologies

HR departments are responsible for many different aspects of an organizations processes, with it continuing to evolve and transform at an exponential rate as things like work from home, employee well-being and technology come to the forefront of our daily lives. These processes often involve thousands of pieces of paper and can eat up crucial time of your HR employees. This brings a new demand for innovative and intelligent solutions that will grow with the needs of a complex HR department. As we progress into 2022, organizations who do not invest in these helpful technologies will be left behind with their lagging manual procedures and processes.

5. Making Data-Driven Decisions

Analytics has been a prominent asset in so many business process throughout the years from marketing to finance. Using analytics allows an organization to examine employee data in a quick and efficient manner to help improve productivity and streamline processes. In today’s era, analytics are now being used to make informed decisions for a variety of HR capacities such as enhancing employee engagement, improving employee retention, limiting risk, and controlling hiring expenses. The employee-based analytics available from cloud-based technologies and solutions have aided in the transformation of making data-driven decisions in HR.

How Sodales is answering the call for these 2022 HR trends

Organizations are being compelled to recognize the power of their people, with employee expectations constantly evolving they must embrace the need for flexibility and change that has been brought upon us by the last year. As we transition into a post-pandemic world, organizations will need to invest in their HR operations to help them excel through these new boundaries they face in the world of HR and people management.

The Sodales platform provides a single portal for managing health, safety and employee relations business processes for occupational and non-occupational incidents, disability claims, grievance management, disciplines, seniority, and job bidding processes. Using a centralized platform, organizations can proactively implement fair actions and consistent policy interpretation for all incidents, cases, grievances, and disciplines using integrated policy books. Prevent risks and improve compliance by proactively identifying non-conformities within their sites and business processes. These capabilities allow organizations to meet “zero incident” goals by changing from reactive “incident management” to proactive “incident prevention” culture.

If you’re looking to make a transformation in your health, safety and employee relations processes, contact Sodales today to book a demo.

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