The Benefits of Implementing an Integrated EHS Solution

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November 11, 2021

The Benefits of Implementing an Integrated EHS Solution

Every organization wants an efficient and productive workforce. But in order to achieve this, they must be willing to provide their workforce with the right tools, and that includes an integrated EHS solution. An integrated EHS solution brings together the multiple components of Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management into one convenient location. This integration transforms compliance from a normally disconnected process into a transparent and proficient system.

Let’s discuss the advantages of implementing an integrated EHS solution, such Sodales Solutions’ EHS software, built on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Improved Procedures.

Aligning processes and procedures can be a daunting task when taken on manually, as industry regulations are frequently changing. An integrated EHS solution assists organizations in keeping up with these regulation changes and removes the need for a manual data exchange with other solutions. Dynamic templates, forms and workflows are used to standardize processes and eliminate inefficiencies found in manual procedures. Integrated solutions allow for organizations to establish consistency within their policies and procedures, ultimately improving operational effectiveness.

Ease of Use. 

A user interface that is quick to learn and easy to comprehend is the driving factor in the success of software implementation. With all components integrated and functioning within one convenient solution, end-users can easily adapt and have greater success with the adoption of the new system. Having an integrated EHS solution will ensure your workforce will be able to use the solution to its full potential.

Improved Data Collection.

In order to make informed decisions when it comes to workplace health and safety, organizations must utilize their data and analytics. With an integrated EHS, data is collected on all components of health, safety and environment management, creating a transparent view for all stakeholders. The data collected in an integrated EHS solution can be used to recommend policy improvements, learn programs and suggest performance improvement programs, all leading to increased operational efficiencies throughout an organization.


As an organization grows and changes over times, it is imperative that their processes and systems follow that same growth and offer rapid scalability. As a cloud-based software, integrated EHS systems are adaptable and dynamic solutions that offer organizations the flexibility they need to reach their long-term goals. The scalability of an integrated EHS solution ensures that the necessary performance enhancements are made on a consistent basis to enhance the overall productivity of the software.

How Sodales’ Integrated EHS solution can help.

At Sodales Solutions, our EHS software brings your organization an integrated solution with pre-built functional business content and industry content for regulatory compliance. If you think Sodales Solutions’ Integrated EHS solution is the right fit for your organization, contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.

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