Streamline your employee performance process using the Performance Management App – an Extension of SAP SuccessFactors

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November 15, 2016

In any organization, if we try to factor the parameters that lead to a “not so effective” employee performance management, you will hear points like:

1. Poorly structured strategy

2. Lack of Clarity – top down

3. Not adapting to changing circumstances

These are few of the parameters which usually gets discussed in the meeting room. However, what has been observed across organizations is that, there are quite a few tangible parameters which are not addressed to, causing the entire process of performance management to slip through the cracks. Some of these parameters are:

1. Not measuring progress

2. Lack of effective communication

3. Unable to adhere to timelines or milestones

4. Not able to hold the quarterly review sessions

5. Not empowering the team with the right tools to address the entire issue and drive the entire workflow

As an outcome, you see disappointed employees and disappointed employer as a spill over. The point is, you might have the strategy in place, you might have the clarity right from the top management to the junior most employee on board and every single individual is flexible enough to adapt to changes. However, what becomes a pre-requisite in today’s scenario is having the right tool backed by a solid technology that can help the HR managers and the employees.

Sodales Solutions has developed a collaborative, intuitive and flexible analytical employee performance management app, which is an extension of SAP SuccessFactors.

The employee performance management app enables an interactive process where both employees and managers can stay connected to see the progress on the performance.


Implementing this solution will allow the manager to monitor and track the performance of his or her employee and keep a check on

1. Responsibilities

2. Skills & Behavior

3. Development Plans

4. SMART Goals

5. Assessment Summary

As a user, it is very imperative for the employee as well as the manager to know what the solution brings to the table, because at the end of the day they are going to use it on a regular basis

1. The solution has industry defined forms with clear forms for employees as well as managers to fill out

2. Clear definitions of roles, responsibilities and goals

3. Industry standard ranking calculation process

4. Numbers tell a consistent story to everyone while giving options for analysis tools and personality based learning style

The app is is targeted to employees, HR managers, supervisors and executives across organizations in key industries like manufacturing, service, finance and retail.


When it comes to a solution, along with the fact that it should be easy to use and give a good experience to the users, there are certain value propositions which are noteworthy.
1. The employee performance management app is device agnostic

2. It has configurable KPIs

3. Connects with any back-end system

Gone are the days when companies used to follow the traditional practice of “performance management”, by sitting down once or twice to discuss an employee’s overall performance.

Companies have started leveraging technology to ensure complete transparency, faster turn around time and seamless process of performance management.

Sodales Solutions has been at the forefront helping companies harness the power of SAP Fiori on HANA Cloud Platform, to bring cutting edge solutions like the Performance Management App which is an extension of SAP SuccessFactors.

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