Sodales: Your One-Stop-Shop for Enterprise Health, Safety, and Employee Relations

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November 30, 2022

Are you frustrated with silos between departments slowing down business processes? Are you tired of dealing with gaps in communication and documentation causing labor disputes or regulatory penalties? We have the solution you’ve been searching for: the Sodales platform brings all your health, safety, and employee relations business processes under one roof. This includes modules for disability claims, grievance management, disciplines, seniority, job bidding and collective bargaining management processes and more.

Using a centralized platform, our revolutionary software enables you to fully integrate your health, safety, and employee relations business process to help you save time, reduce manual errors, improve workplace safety, and ultimately take a more proactive approach. Keep reading to discover how Sodales is your trusted one-stop-shop for health, safety and employee relations and why it’s so handy to merge all of these business processes through the use of one unified solution.

How is Sodales a One-Stop-Shop?

All the features you need for safety, efficiency, and transparency

From job bidding to incident management and everything in between Sodales offers all the features and modules you need to achieve safety, transparency, and efficiency goals within your organization. Starting with our Job Bidding module and seniority engine, we offer complete life cycle processes from bidding rules to offer letters and more. Within our platform we also offer modules for Grievances, Disciplines, Case Management and Collective Bargaining Agreement Management. These modules for these complex HR processes feature automated workflows for incidents, appeal management, complaints, and CBA management and policy rules with a convenient text search function.

In addition to a comprehensive selection of human capital management processes, Sodales also offers modules to establish a proactive approach for health and safety. These modules include fully integrated incident and disability management, environmental incidents reporting and assessments, hazard and risk assessment and more. These capabilities can empower your organization to move out of a reactive workplace safety culture to a proactive and transparent culture.

Sodales is your one-stop-shop for health, safety, and employee relations because our software, with a large variety of features and modules, offers everything you’re looking for to achieve regulatory compliance and governance within your organization. To learn more specifically about Sodales’ expansive offering of health, safety, and employee relations modules, visit our website.

What better way to compliment this full-suite of health, safety and employee relations modules than with years of industry experience and expertise throughout our team?

Industry Experience and Expertise

At Sodales, we are passionate about empowering highly regulated industries to build safe, efficient, and modern business processes. We have made it our priority to learn about the gaps, pain points and priorities within the different industries we work with to help them excel. It was this model in which Sodales was created out of, and we are proud to fill these critical gaps in the market.

This experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop the unique industry specific process flows and processes that sets Sodales apart. For example, Sodales can accommodate the presence of concurrent employment within higher education, the prevalence of workload complaints in healthcare, and the importance of processes around job site preparation in construction. Our industry knowledge and experience has been poured into our solution and the result is a software built on industry and regional best practices so you can effortlessly manage all your business processes for health, safety, and employee relations with one unified platform.

Sodales offers a breadth of knowledge and experience spanning across industries making it your one-stop-shop for all things health, safety, and employee relations – but don’t just take our word for it. Explore some of our Customer Success Stories to discover the different ways our solution has provided tremendous benefits to organizations from a variety of different highly regulated industries, including utilities, public services, higher education, transportation and many more.

“The Sodales Labor Relations Software leverages core HR data and processes, and results in better employee experience through consistent policy-enablement and risk-prevention.”

– Max Henning, Talent Programs Lead, Spire Energy

Integrates with other systems to fill gaps

While other systems may require you to abandon what’s already working, Sodales seamlessly integrates with your existing core HR systems. Sodales Solutions is built on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), meaning we can seamlessly integrate with SAP SuccessFactors or your system of choice, including Oracle, Workday, UKG and more. We understand that starting from scratch is time consuming, costly, and unnecessary if your current system is effective. By building upon and refining your system with Sodales, you can have a smooth and quick transition to get you up and running in four weeks or less.

The Benefit of Sodales Being a One-Stop-Shop

If a business environment is bogged down by silos, or antiquated methods for reporting and tracking, there is heightened risk of miscommunication causing confusion, slowing down processes and potentially creating unnecessary conflict. This is one of the great benefits of utilizing an all-in-one solution. Sodales’ integrated approach ensures that effective communication and collaboration is enabled between employers, employees, regulators and unions.

As a one-stop-shop, this also means you will only have to deal with one touchpoint for customer support. We are proud to offer excellent customer support and our experienced team is motivated by our shared mission to help our customers. This passion for customer service helped us achieve our 97% customer renewal rate in 2022. Additionally, by using Sodales’ singular unified platform, your team won’t need to constantly learn various new tools and programs. This saves time and money for you as an employer and prevents adoption frustration from employees.

At Sodales, we understand that your organization has important work to do. That’s why we are proud to offer a one-stop-shop solution that helps you save time and resources, so you can spend more time doing what your organization is best at. To learn more about how you can benefit for our unified approach to health, safety, and employee relations, request a personalized demonstration today.

Experience the only fully integrated approach to health, safety and employee relations