Sodales Solutions Unionized Job Bidding For SAP SuccessFactors


October 17, 2019

Enhancing operational efficiency in a unionized organization- JOB BIDDING.

Job bidding refers to “inside first” hiring, giving importance to employees within the organization as long as they have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities. In a unionized environment, the current workers are allowed to go after the job posting and compete with other employees. The companies prefer to do internal hiring because the employees have a better understanding of the company; they are comfortable with the company policies, and it is less costly for the company. Companies used to slog through manual processes using paper forms, communicating the information to the entire organization, track the progress, collect the filled forms, conducting an audit trail to check falsify and missed information fields complicating the process.

Sodales Solutions Job Bidding, a Labour Relation Software(LRS) process, is designed in a way to reduce complexities and speed up the workflow by sending auto-notifications to employees and unions, capture the employee qualifications and filter the applicants and choose the bid winner and notify them.
The ease of use admin console enables HR administrators to define disciplinary rules, and disciplinary actions allow HR administrators to scrutinize employee disciplinary records and filter the most exceptional candidates. The digital infrastructure of job bidding is developed to capture and calculate the seniority of the employees, and the framework allows to update the continually changing unionized environment policies.

The SAP HCM cloud extension allows employees to mass-bid, indicating their preferences. Based on locations, job classifications, and workflow processes generating a score matrix. Mass upload can be done using excel sheet which can feed the info into application.

To avoid the complications and to smooth the process, sodales solutions Job Bidding module, a Labour Relations Software(LRS) extension automates the whole process.

It provides the following features:-

  • The ability for employees to apply for job bids by selecting their preferences.
  • Track all the applicants of a job bid in the system.
  • Ability to accept/reject a job bid and send out notifications to the right party.
  • Ability to store employee qualifications and their discipline history
  • Ability to maintain union specific rules in the admin console.
  • Maintaining an administrative console to create Job Bid Rules separated by different unions and groups, updating qualification criteria, define job posting timelines, and seniority rules.
  • The ability to makes multi-bids.
  • Define eligibility rules according to union rules in case of multi-union entreprises.
  • Multi-lingual and mobile supported.

Sodales solution job bidding module, an extension of Labour Relations Software integrates with S/4 Hana and SAP Success Factors, has helped the customers to automate their job profile management, create multi and mass bidding, automate notification, set timelines and generate bid sheets.

At Sodales, the Labour Relations Software, Job Bidding Module would help you to reduce paper clutter and improve operational efficiency. The use of conversational AI and real-time data has overcome UX challenges and enhanced business processes. Our mission is to offer a solution that leads to a better-prepared workforce and a safer workplace, and we measure our achievement by your achievement.

Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform solution extension partner giving prepared to send cloud extensions for directed business processes for SAP Success Factors, SAP S/4 Hana, and SAP Ariba. Sodales Cloud extensions fill necessary prerequisites for Regulated Industries such as Health&Safety, Labor Relations, Discipline Management, and Union Job Bidding, Sodales has referenceable clients in the public sector, utilities, healthcare, education, and EC&O enterprises.

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