Sodales Labs India Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

Media Release

June 30, 2022

Toronto, ON – On June 22, 2022, Sodales Labs India, a division of Sodales Solutions, celebrated their five-year anniversary.

In 2016, Sodales Labs India started with humble beginnings with a team of two and no office space. Over the last five years, the Sodales Labs India team has grown tremendously to over 130 members and have opened a total of 3 office locations throughout India.

Founder and President of Sodales Solutions, Sana Salam remarked “This is an incredible milestone for our organization. We are immensely proud of our team for continuing to push new boundaries and always remaining driven by the entrepreneurial spirit that started the organization.” Along with the progression of new team members, the division also expanded to include new departments including Product Implementation, Research and Development, Product Support, Product Quality Assurance and Business Analyst to help Sodales achieve its overarching vision of enhancing collaboration within organizations and breaking down the barriers caused by silos often found in enterprise health, safety and employee relations.

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, the team at Sodales Labs India attended a red-carpet event where they were able to celebrate through laughter, dancing and dinner. “We are thrilled to be able to commemorate this milestone with our team who has become a family over the last five years,” exclaimed Chief Product Officer and Director of Sodales Labs India Ravi Shankar. “We have achieved this success through the hard work and passion of our team which is clearly shown in the culture we have created throughout the organization”. The Sodales Labs India team enjoyed looking back at where the organization started, all they have achieved and what the plans are for the future.About Sodales Solutions

Founded in 2013, Sodales Solutions is an award-winning company, building solutions on SAP Business Technology Platform with pre-built functional, business, and industry content for regulatory compliance. Sodales cloud extensions fill critical requirements for highly regulated industries, including enterprise health and safety, leave management, labor relations, union job bidding, and seniority calculations. We strive to enhance collaboration within organizational groups – breaking down the barriers caused by silos and transforming compliance into a behaviour as opposed to a penalty. Sodales offers an SAP endorsed app, which is available on the SAP Store.

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