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December 23, 2020





Colleges and universities face a wide variety of workplace health and safety hazards and environmental compliance issues. With so many modifications and operations, it is all too common for the most carefully planned environmental health and safety (EHS) systems to become out of date and out of enforcement, causing potentially dangerous loopholes.

One of the complexities of implementing a solution is accommodating all different types of users like students, full-time employees, part-time employees and many more. Another challenge is that all educational instructions have different policies for claims, benefits and return to work.

Sodales EHS solution for the education sector encompasses all of the campus-wide protection and compliance problems in a centralized framework – providing an atmosphere that can provide safety for diverse activities. Take a look at the way’s solution can help facilitate the health and safety department experiences in educational institutions:


Dynamic Assignment of Security Roles

There are different types of role in colleges and universities like professors can be working full-time/part-time or student is working as a professor. This is one of the key challenges to distinguish the role, but Sodales EHS allows to accommodate this functionality. The system captures the user and determines the different types of injuries. There is a hierarchy system in companies with a sole leader and a flow of subordinates. This structure is not standardized in the education industry because a person will not always identify as supervisors or managers.  The system enables a dynamic assignment of a role. When an incident reported the dynamic assignment of roles will assigned, the user can select some fields and identify a as a supervisor. The system will automatically give that employee a supervisor title and access to the supervisor portal. Until then, that employee will not have any access to supervisor applications. But since he got assigned automatically and get temporary access. The system will create different workflows for specific users.


Multiple Return to Work Plans

The Return to Work (RTW) plan is a proactive plan that helps injured workers stay at work or safely return to work. Generally, there is only a single return to work plan, but there are multiple plans in the education sector. There are so many positions that an injured person can perform, like a professor can be an invigilator, an examiner and many more.  After the incident, the supervisor will review functional abilities, job demands analyses, and transferable skills to identify suitable modified work options for injured employees. Multiple plans will adjust according to the recovery process and operations. Until the employee fully recovered and is almost back to work with regular duties, the system will generate a timeline one after one.


Safety Audits and Inspections

Most educational institutions have many campuses, multiple buildings and many classrooms, chemical labs, radioactive labs and many more than an industry or manufacturing plant; there are few rooms or a big floor where they do inspections. The solution allows for selecting the campus dynamically, and other buildings and rooms on that campus will display. This will balance the assessment across the entire institution, from the individual department or facility level to every location. The system builds custom checklists and assigns them to any locations to help standardize control across the organization.


Location Management

With location management capability, educational institutions with multiple locations can manage all of their grouped rooms, like the computer lab and chemical labs, from one central hub. This feature will save time and effort and also allow to manage multiple rooms at the same time. This function’s key benefit is assigning the person responsible to a particular group, adding new rooms or locations from one dashboard.


Sodales EHS for the education sector saves time, resources and increases the efficiency of the institution. But perhaps most importantly, it provides a solid foundation for your EHS activities, which adds credibility to the institution’s commitment to a secure learning environment. The Solution is built on the SAP Cloud Platform with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems. If you would like to learn more about Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management (EHSEM) Software best practices for managing safety in the education sector, please contact us at for a personalized demonstration.

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