Sodales Cloud Software Updates Available on SAP Product Roadmap


March 23, 2018

Sodales Labor Relations Software Updates Available on SAP Product Roadmap

The CP Extensibility Road Map is now live on under SAP Cloud Platform Extensibility. The direct link can found here.

Sodales Labor Relations Software updates are now available on SAP roadmap. Here are a few important highlights.

Recent Innovations (Q1/2018)

  • Standardized Information Tracking
  • SAP SuccessFactors LMS supportability
  • Enhanced bargaining workflows
  • Discipline rules library
  • Disciplines integration with talent management
  • Job bidding advanced rule library with multi union support
  • Anonymous complaints

Planned Q2/2018

Industry Specific Seniority

  • Higher Education Sector seniority rule engine
  • EC&O seniority engine

Standardized Information Tracking

  • Investigation portal for external teams

Planned Q3/2018

Standardized Information Tracking

  • Additional letter/output templates
  • External complaints

Planned Q4/2018

Industry Specific Seniority Rules

  • Seniority rules for utility sector
  • Higher Education Sector- additional rules

Transparent Collaboration

  • Setup job bumping rules based on seniority (As per CBA)
  • Appeal workflow management
  • Enhanced investigation workflows based on location
  • Mandatory payroll increases



About Labor Relations Software – Cloud Extension For SAP SuccessFactors (Grievance/Appeal Process)

The Labor Relations Software provides complete life-cycle support for human capital management processes for grievance management, discipline management, arbitration steps, maintenance of CBA/rule books, seniority Rules and reporting. Using role-based design, this application helps employees to create incidents, grievances, and complaints that go through the automated workflow. Managers and unions can follow through grievance steps and record the outcomes of complaints with attachments. Supervisors can create disciplinary actions and maintain employee records. The solution also provides a calculation engine for seniority rules for job bidding and for severance payouts. Easily generate output letters using different types of templates such as investigation notice, dismissal letter, leniency documents, appeal responses, submissions, award summary, and reinstatement letters. Analytical reporting for outstanding dismissals and discipline issues, arbitrator stats/case topics, past claims and settlements.

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