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November 19, 2016

Over the past few months, we have been co-delivering SAP HCP Roadshow across North America and working closely with customers to develop their HCP use cases. A lot of customers start their HCP journey with Fiori and mobile use cases. Many of these customers already have Fiori or SMP on premise and they are looking to migrate to HCP so that they become self-reliant. It is refreshing to see how quickly customers (business users, analyst, developers) can build their own Fiori/mobile apps using HCP tools without consulting support.

While mobile/UX provides a great starting point for HCP, we see that there is so much more to explore with HCP beyond mobile/UX. HANA Cloud Integration HCI, a set of pre-packaged integration content on HCP, is a key differentiating factor of HCP. HCI is designed to eliminate the need for custom interfaces, user exits, and workflow. HCI stands out amongst other HCP tools due to the flexibility of extensibility options (configuration options).

The following video explains a few practical examples of applying HCI tools to improve your day to day business processes.

SAP and partners are consistently building new HCI content. Please Click Here check out the latest list of HCI that you can configure.

As a developer, you can copy the existing pre-built integration content to your own workspace and configure it to your needs. You can drill down into the integration packages and see the entire integration flow (iflow) in a visual process flow. You can also use the HCI monitoring dashboard to manage the content, processing, and security. SAP supports an extensive set of connectivity protocols for HCI including HTTP (S), SOAP, OData, REST Client, SFTP, Email , IDoc, SFSF and social media etc.

Here are some of the additional use cases of HCI that we came across during our HCP roadshow.

• SFSF integration with ECC and KronosM

• SAP C4C and SAP CRM integration

• 3rd party payroll integration with SFSF

• SFSF integration with HCP for month end reporting- HCP-DBAAS

If you would like to discover the HCI use cases for your business, please contact us at We would love to show you a demonstration of how you can quickly configure the HCI content for your needs.

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