Run Simple With SAP Fiori

User Experience

June 23, 2014

One of the biggest challenges that business users face today is complexity.
When it comes to enterprise systems— there is a great deal of complexity involved. And it is slowing us down.

Addressing the needs of today’s fast paced society, SAP Fiori solves these challenges. SAP Fiori is not a shrunken or screen scrapped version of your SAP screens.
SAP Fiori provides a no-brainer user experience for broadly and frequently used SAP software functions, across a variety of devices to get the job done in just a few clicks.

All without having to

1. Waste brain cells in memorizing transaction codes & navigational steps

2. Waste time in getting simple tasks done. With too many steps and daunting screens

3. Waste money on writing and updating training material. Miss out on user-adoption

4. Waste resources in unproductive activities and unwanted meetings

5. Waste paper

…… And Fiori is FREE

Here are the additional benefits of SAP Fiori that you didn’t experience before.

Simplicity: SAP Fiori offers a simple, easy UX. It gives you less number of clicks, less number of screens and less complexity. It renews the most frequently used SAP functions without requiring upgrades. With SAP Fiori, users can execute a complex process in simplistic steps.

Consistency: SAP Fiori is designed with the mobile framework, provides single entry point for the user and offers consistency for common processes.

Responsive UI: Built on responsive design principles. Runs beautifully across- desktops, tablets or smartphones.

Sodales Solutions is an award winning SAP certified mobile solution provider. Our team members were part of the SAP Fiori development team at SAP Germany so they have the intellect to support you with a successful Fiori implementation.

In addition, we have designed various UI5 based applications that can reduce your workload, cut down your change management cost and make your systems work faster.

Curious to learn more about SAP Fiori Implementation? Email me at and get started.

I can show you a Fiori demo and if you like it, you get to try a proof of concept configured for your needs in just two weeks.

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