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About Sodales

December 13, 2022

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If you are a busy, multi-site organization, especially one in a heavily regulated industry, we know that one of the biggest challenges is simply getting a bird’s eye view of things.

Being aware of everything that is happening in your world related to health, safety and employee relations is impossible without a seamless, real-time platform. If your systems and data are disjointed, there is more risk that mistakes will be made, or inconsistencies will create weaknesses within your processes.

That’s where we come in. Sodales was created to fill a recognized gap in the market. Our application combines health, safety, and employee relations in one platform to enable our enterprise customers to seamlessly manage compliance and governance across multiple locations.

By enhancing and standardizing our customers processes in the regulated industry especially the ones with a union presence, our software reduces risk exposure. We also help our customers future-proof their business by giving enterprise-wide visibility of safety and regulatory requirements and your status against them.

Data is powerful for running a business and making decisions, but it can be a huge weight on your shoulders if you are not able to process, record and review it. Our platform brings HR, Legal, Finance and Operations departments together and embeds company policies to help all areas become proactive rather than reactive when it comes to any issues.

Exploring market gaps and building credibility, an SAP Endorsed App story

Perhaps unusually, Sodales started life at SAP Labs. Instead of starting with a product idea, we were born out of a gap in the market.

Knowing we wanted to invest in the HR line of business, we discovered a gap within the highly regulated sector industries whereby a data-focused solution could help with challenges around collective bargaining, handling disciplines and grievances and the ever-present challenge of safety in the workplace. Enter, Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations.

Sodales has been an SAP Endorsed App partner for around 18 months and experienced a surmountable amount of growth on this journey as part of that process. By ensuring we comply with the necessary KPI requirements for SAP products and partners, our relationship grew and strengthened over time, and we were able to ultimately add more and more value to SAP customers.

How are we providing this value to SAP Customers? One of our clients came to us with a unique challenge: it took them a whole year to update their systems and they still hadn’t solved that problem for the next time. Working with Sodales meant that everything could be housed in one global solution, saving a huge amount of time, resources, and effort in their human resources efforts.

As an SAP Endorsed App, we work directly with the SAP team and have access to their incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to help quickly solve many of the challenges that our customers face. And for us, we get to benefit from the credibility of being officially certified and to explore and adapt our platform based on each of these experiences through the process of co-innovation.

Businesses need a dynamic solution that saves time, reduces errors, and provides workflow visibility that enables faster decision making and provides peace of mind in the domain of health, safety, and employee relations, including areas like governance and compliance. And that is what the partnership between SAP and Sodales is all about.

What’s next for Sodales and our customers?

For Sodales, being purposeful is as important to us as being profitable. Everything we create is based on our customers’ distinct needs.

This is a theme that we are determined to continue as we work to empower highly regulated industries to build safe, efficient, and modern business processes through technology. We openly listen to our customers and to the market to understand what’s needed and what’s missing. Our current focus is ensuring we create additional pre-built, self-service tools, with further modular updates for the services we currently offer.

We are also interested in further developing our platform around the people sustainability framework. We often work with customers within the public services such as postal, transportation and police, where we see first-hand how important people sustainability issues like human rights compliance and environmental sustainability have become. As we look to further progress our offering, we are looking at adding additional process flows for human rights complaint management, well-being programs, and discrimination and disability compliance.

We strive to be the software of choice for health, safety and employee relations and help our customers build a safer, more transparent business in highly regulated industries – successfully moving from reactivate to proactive, together.

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