Pre-packaged can help you harness all the power and innovation of SAP Fiori but with a faster deployment time

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September 7, 2016

If you are new to the concept of SAP Fiori and don’t want to invest lot of time and money on developing a custom application, but at the same time you would like to harness the technology innovation that SAP Fiori brings to the table, you can always go for the Pre-Packaged apps developed by Sodales Solutions.

The pre-packaged apps developed by Sodales Solutions Inc are ready to deploy solutions that address key functional areas or line of business across an organization. These are simple tools that makes the job of the respective line manager simple and easy.

Some of the solutions that Sodales has developed are:

1. Purchase requisition App

2. Change Sales Order

3. Labor Cockpit

4. Incident Management

Sodales will be demonstrating all our pre-packaged apps at SAP Tech Ed 2016 in Las Vegas to give you a much broader insight into the ready to deploy solutions, that will help you to

1. Overcome critical business operation challenges

2. Give you a faster and easy access to data from multiple sources onto a single dashboard

3. Helps you monitor the key performance indicators on a real time basis

Visit us at Booth No. 409 for a demo

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