Performance Monitoring – a key metrics for High Tech industry

Industry Trends

August 30, 2016


The high tech industry has been seeing a tremendous growth, innovation and diversification. With some of the big names like Apple, Samsung and so on, customers or buyers are always eagerly waiting for the next big thing.

However, in this journey of growth and innovation combined with faster go to market strategies, it becomes a challenge for the industry to monitor the performance of their products across continents. What is even more challenging is to get the required data at a single click.

Sodales Solutions, Inc has come up with this revolutionary product built using SAP Fiori UX. This analytical app will enable the industry players to get all their performance reports and sales statistics through an illustrative representation. The way the data is represented will allow key decision makers to take strategic decisions on a real time basis.


Every industry player, big or small has challenges from three areas

1. Strategic

2. Operational

3. Business

Strategic challenges are the ones that the C level executives face in running the organization as a whole. This encompasses
multiple factors including operational and business

Operational challenges are typically faced by the people who are doing the actual execution job.

The sales team typically encounters the business challenges when it comes to product sales, turn over, revenue with the line managers trying to address the key question – “how to monitor and track the performance”

The “High Tech Performance App” helps the industry to address these challenges by
1. Providing a graphical representation of the sales turnover on a YTD basis

2. Give a geography wise performance across their product categories, using the map functionality embedded in SAP Fiori

3. Get a detailed insight into the performance of their products and the product categories on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

4. Monitor the performance of regional representatives and the teams under them to enable the organizations to incentivize them accordingly

Solution Innovation

Sodales Solutions has developed this innovative solution using the card concept of SAP Fiori, a revolutionary product developed by SAP AG to help customers get a better clarity on key statistics, through illustrated representation. Key elements in this application

1. The managers and supervisors can get instant access to the performance of their teams

2. The management gets a summarized as well as a drill down into the performance data across product categories, duration and geographical location

3. They also get to monitor the performance of their employees

4. Through this app, they can also broadcast news and updates both internally & externally

This analytical app is developed for line managers, supervisors and representatives of sales department. The C level team can also leverage this application to get a holistic view of the organizational performance across multiple parameters.

Sodales Solutions is an award winning SAP Partner organization and the first SAP Certified Partner for Fiori. Sodales has developed strong competency on the HANA Cloud Platform with S/4 HANA extensions and providing enhanced user experience using SAP Fiori UX

Sodales Solutions is conducting envision workshops to enlighten our customers with the benefits of the HANA Cloud Platform and as a take away, we are offering a beta program of S/4 HANA extension apps so that customers can enjoy a free trail of these apps. To schedule your envision workshops, write to us at or call us at +1. 647.824.4286

We are also providing a free Proof of Concept on HANA Cloud Platform, for customers using a single use case.

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