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January 1, 2014

If you are looking to join the mobile business world and evaluating the implementation benefits of a mobile app versus a mobile enabled website; here are some of the things to look at. Mobile website and a mobile app can look very similar visually, there are, however, many determining factors that impact your choice.
The truth of the matter is that mobility is no longer “a nice to have. Rather, “it is a must have” so if you want to align yourself within this technology based society, it ‘s time to plan your investments within mobility projects. Your growth portfolio contains your customers, partners and definitely employees. Mobile is not simply another device with a shrunken website. Rather, mobile is the new systems of engagement, focusing on people. So your investments within mobile projects (web-based and mobile apps) will also depend on how you would like to boost the engagement of they experience and access the information.

Mobile App Benefits

Engage With People And Systems

Your mobile app is in your customer’s pocket. Mobile apps can be built to integrate information from any information source such as Facebook, Google Maps, GPS and internal systems. Mobile apps thus manifest “”systems of engagement” involving people rather than just a process for logging transactional data.

Device Agnostic

The technology and power of HTML5 integration across devices has evolved enough that mobile apps can now be built to work across laptops, tablets, iPad etc.

Quick To Deploy

A mobile app can be built as quickly as in a couple of weeks for your specific needs. For complex systems integration; it can take up to 6 weeks to build a mobile app.

Mobile Device Capabilities

They can be further enhanced to incorporate device capabilities such as voice recognition, sharing, annotations, camera, attachments. etc.

Task Oriented Applications

If you need something that requires backend data integration and enables you to simplify your processes , present information in an intuitive and simplified experience, perform calculations, for financial reporting, payments, purchasing, sales processes and invoicing; a mobile app will help you do that very effectively; while a mobile enabled website/portal is not effective to do this.

Offline Access

This is Huge. You can access a mobile app in offline mode. It keeps your employees, customers and consumers productive even without the internet. The entire application is available without the internet thus enabling you to keep running even when you are in a train station or on a plane.


Locally running app code has higher performance than a mobile enabled website.

Information streamlining

A mobile app allows you to organize information in folders, libraries in a very clean presentation format. You can see the required data in an organized and easy fashion.

One Click Access

The app is present on the device and it is much easier to access; thus enabling the information access much faster.

Personalized information

if you want your target users to personalize the information they are accessing, mobile apps are the way to go.

Mobile Enabled Website

Reach Broader Audience

A mobile enabled website does not require to be downloaded or installed for first-time use. Great for NEW customer reach, presence on the internet and online purchases


A mobile app requires more effort to upgrade while a website can be less expensive. It, however, depends on the type of mobile app, its functions and target segment.

SEO enabled

Mobile enabled website is available on search engines unlike a mobile app that is not available in SEO search.

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