Make a Killer Application on SAP Cloud Platform


June 9, 2017

According to Gartner 2014 predictions, less than 0.01 percent of the consumer mobile apps will reach their success goals. Comparing this to business apps in the enterprise world, situation becomes more difficult because business apps require not only greater user experience but also because business apps are uniquely made for specific business needs for each client.

Building a great enterprise app requires a platform with business integration with standard tools and frameworks. The SAP Cloud Platform is a better, faster, yet an affordable option to create great business apps. It uses standard tools, frameworks, and standard integrating to build new solutions. SAP Cloud Platform is agile, and flexible – allowing easy configuration for applications. With SCP you can get rid of custom coding and reduce capital/maintenance cost. It gives you the capability to maintain your solutions yourself without depending on expensive consultants.

The concept is simple. The stronger the platform, the better the apps. Here are some of the key skills required to develop great business apps on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).

Business Process Knowledge

Now that we’ve established the importance of having a robust platform as a base; the very first step to making a great app is having the business process knowledge inside out with its external and internal touchpoints.

Cross-Platform/ Technical Integration Knowledge

The second skill that is imperative for creating great business apps is the cross-platform technical integration knowledge. It’s likely that your new solution is not a Stand-Alone, there is a high possibility that it will touch many other systems. Therefore, having a basic understanding of how systems work, how systems integrate, and how the data structure is set up in different systems is crucial for designing great business apps on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).

Web Development Knowledge

Thirdly, another important skill to have when creating new solutions is having Web Development Knowledge such as HTML5, JAVA etc. A lot of development on the cloud is web-based such as Fiori UX, HANA DBAAS etc. Hence, it is vital to have a web developer in your team as opposed to someone who only builds on native platforms. A web developer has a good understanding of the API structure, putting services into the frontend, as well as knowing the basics of technology.

With the above skills, you can easily get started with your apps development on SAP Cloud Platform.

About Sodales

Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) solution extension partner. Sodales provides configurable and ready-to-deploy cloud extensions for Unionized Workforce, Health & Safety, Labor Relations, Healthcare Scheduling, Effort Reporting, Grants Management, Performance Management and Academic Management. Sodales has referenceable customers across industries and geographies for SCP applications. Sodales has expertise in SCP DBAAS, SCP Mobile Services, WebIDE plug-ins, S/4 HANA extensions, SAP Smart Business Apps, SAP SuccessFactors Extensions, SAP Ariba Extensions, and is now expanding rapidly into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space.


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