Launching – Tuition Reimbursement by Sodales


April 12, 2021

Are you tired of using paper forms and Excel to keep track of your organization’s tuition reimbursement program? There’s a better, more efficient, and professional way to implement and manage your program – Sodales tuition reimbursement solution.

We are excited to announce our latest module, Tuition Reimbursement. The solution automates workflows by electronically managing applications and supporting documentation through a pre-defined process flow. The fully configurable solution provides the flexibility for staff to seek approval for educational programs and request reimbursement. The administrative functionality allows managing the tuition programs internally at a fraction of other software providers’ costs. Moreover, built-in policies ensure fully automated compliance and integrate with all major payroll, HRIS, finance and other systems to automate the entry of employee information and reimbursement payments.

It is easy to use, flexible, web and mobile-based application; employees can request applications, receipts, and other paperwork from anywhere and at any time, using any device. Below we have put together all the critical features of the software.

  • The solution ensures automated compliance by configurable standards and policies. It will save time and simplify the procedure. The policies and standards define eligibility criteria, study time absence, claw back clauses, timelines etc.,
  • No matter who makes the new request, the application request process is pretty straightforward, which enables to submit a new request and view previous requests and attached additional documentation.
  • The Reporting functionality provides valuable insights through standard and ad hoc reports. The dashboards maintain an at-a-glance view of various key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • The Administrative Console allows reviewing and updating the standards and rules specific to the requests to maintain regulatory policy compliance. Additionally, it enables to create of organization-specific letter/notice templates, including Repayment Obligation Notices, approval, denial letters with dynamic content pre-filled within PDF/word outputs, allows to define timelines, and auto-generates notification reminders
  • The pre-defined solution provides automatic email notifications alerting employees and approvers when an action is required or confirming an action was taken.
  • To make the application review process accessible, entire application records and job-related details of an employee are displayed so that approvers can make an informed decision on whether to approve or deny.
  • The solution history sections permit a view of the request’s summary and the sequence of tasks performed chronologically.
  • The administrative console also allows to upload and push pre-defined/configurable program announcements and surveys to employees, with due dates for completion.

The solution is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems.

Our entirely configurable solution comes with pre-built industry content and functional business content. If you would like to learn more about the Sodales Tuition Reimbursement module, please contact us at for a personalized demonstration.

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