Labor Relations for Higher education


August 3, 2021

Higher education institutions are committed to increasing student enrolment, offering high-quality education, and meeting their student outcome goals. They must overcome various human resource (HR) management obstacles to make such initiatives succeed. An employee complaint might result in high-profile litigation, which permanently harms the organization’s reputation if not addressed or handled correctly. Therefore, labor relations must be a principal focus for higher education institutions.

The main challenges universities and colleges face are visibility and tracking and the another one is that the organization structure at universities and colleges is very complicated.

Sodales enables universities and colleges with modern digital tools to implement appropriate actions at all organizational levels ranging from tracking to new policy implementations. Sodales provides complete lifecycle support for tenure, sabbatical, seniority, grievances, job bidding and liberation management for the institutions. We offer a centralized platform with innovative capabilities to help educational institutions streamline compliance with best-in-class security.

Take a look at how Sodales labor relations can help an organization’s labor-related programs, as well as specific regulatory and business requirements.

Improved tracking

Many things happen simultaneously in universities and colleges, so it’s difficult to track everything in a centralized place. With Sodales labor relations, a supervisor can create and assign cases fast and store this information in a central database, accessible simultaneously from any location. As investigations progress through the lifecycle, the entire process is systematically managed, tracked and monitored.

Dynamic assignment of roles

One of the critical challenges is distinguishing the role, but Sodales labor relations accommodate this functionality. There are different types of roles in colleges and universities, like professors working full-time/part-time or students working as a professor. The hierarchy structure is not standardized in the education sector because people will not always identify as supervisors or managers.  The system enables a dynamic assignment of a role. The system assigns supervisors depending on the case and automatically gives that employee a supervisor title and access to the supervisor portal. The system will create different workflows for specific users.

Liberation management

Higher-education organizations employees are involved in union-related activities, and employees take time away from their actual job of teaching to perform these activities. This allows employees to ask for a reimbursement.  Sodales labor relations, liberation management process reimbursement claims filed by union employees on leave they took to perform union-related activities.

Access to External users

The Sodales platform enabled best-in-class security for external & internal secure access with role-based permissions. The system allows external users to collaborate with the university staff; for example, external union representatives needed to file grievances, follow through grievance steps, record meeting outcomes with attachments, discipline management, and arbitration steps.

Reporting and Analytics

The system facilitates complete visibility into workforce trends, forecasts employee needs and performance with quick and easy access to the KPIs and metrics. This minimizes the risk of potential concerns emerging before they turn into costly labor conflicts.

Document management

The system provides a centralized repository for all investigation materials, including papers, interview notes, attachments, guarantees secure storage, categorization, and access to all parties participating in the dispute resolution process.


The solution is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems.

Our entirely configurable solution comes with pre-built industry content and functional business content.  If you would like to learn more about

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