How Sodaless’ Civil services rules for recruitment module is streamlining the recruitment processes in Public sector


February 19, 2020

The most critical process in any organisation is Hiring, which takes place through distinct procedures adhering to government rules and regulations, company policies and procedures and the process are in alignment to the company vision, mission and goals. Employers adopt various methods and techniques to assess the individual since it is a vital process of the organisation. The main focus of this process is to determine the eligibility of the candidates who can be the best fit for the organisation. Employers tend to build a workforce productive and motivated that will be the key to the companies success.

Employers, in particular, focus on employee’s judgement, decision making and few other predicitions to ensure the company doesn’t end up in terrible consequences by choosing the candidates. Every organisation tries to make its selection process as objective and scientific as possible to avoid the result of a loss. Recruitment in public service varies a lot compared to recruitment is the private sector.

Public Service Rectruitment involves a lengthy process starting from the job posting to the final candidate selection and in some instances, take more than a year to fill in the position. Due to a massive number of applications and a vast amount of process and procedures involved, it takes time to fill in a job. There are concerns raised regarding the fairness, transparency and equity policies while hiring an employee and the lengthy process. To simplify the hiring process and bring uniformity in operation and to promote integrity, the R&D team at Sodales Solutions have consistently strived to develop the civil services recruitment module using the SAP Cloud Platform.

Sodales Solutions is an award winning SAP Cloud Platform module, providing labour relations software and employee health and safety softwares to fortune 500 companies around the world. At Sodales, our Civil Services Recruitment module enables compliance, transparency and its more accessible and user friendly UX to attract the future work force while simplifying the civil service rules including background check rules, conducting various assessment exams with score calculations and smooth referral processes.

In recent times, Sodales Civil Services Rules for Recruitment module an extension of Labour Relations Module has provided services to streamline the hiring process for 3rd most significant law enforcement agency in the United States who provide tens of thousands of job opportunities each year. The Civil Service Module has helped to streamline the Testing and Background Investigation of the recruitment process.

At Sodales, we configure the solutions according to the needs and requirements of the client. We have provided the ability to conduct various types of tests to a particular candidate and progressing further upon clearing those tests. Few capabilities of the software for a candidate allows to manage their profile, schedule tests, retests based on the nearest test centers, make updates to master data, receive a notification on updates by the employer, have concurrent applications, withdraw from an application and upload documents.

The Employer can manage a candidate profile, create test schedules, update results, generate critical reports for the higher authority, etc.
The innovative in-demand software is equipped with the following features-

  • The software has pre-built abilities to perform pre-hire screening by auto selecting the candidates based on the job requirements
  • Dynamic testing forms for exam configuration, timeclock, templates for collecting results from 3rd party testing systems/test centers.
  • Configure testing questionnaires/forms for background checks and testing.
  • Admin Console to manage score calculations for converting raw scores into standardised scores as well as for forms/templates.
  • Integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Recruitment module
  • Generate letters and notifications with trigger notifications.
  • Standardised reporting with visual analytics such as testing reports, referral reports, status reports etc.

The Civil Service Rules for Recruitment module, an extension of SAP Human Capital Management ( HCM) has provided the following benefits-

BI Investigation/ Background Check Forms Integration with third parties
Configurable workflow rules Notifications as per events
SAP Success Factors extension Letters/Output Module
Score Calculations Module Company Branded Letter generations


The Civil Service Rules for Recruitment module with SAP Success Factors by Sodales will help you to eliminate biases and provides a smooth recruitment process by streamlining the process. The solution treats all candidates fairly and equally. It increases efficiency in the recruitment process by decreasing redundancies. At Sodales, we are committed to offering solutions which leads to a better workforce and a safer workplace, and we measure our achievement by your achievement.

Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) solution extension partner. Sodales provides pre-built extended cloud solutions for regulated industries in the area of policy compliance. Sodales provides configurable and ready-to-deploy modules for Enterprise Health & Safety, Labor Relations, Discipline Management and Union Job Bidding. Sodales has referenceable customers across industries and geographies for cloud extensions. Sodales was the winner of the SAP Pinnacle Awards for the year 2018 in the ISV technology innovation category. Sodales was the winner of SAP Pinnacle Awards for the year 2019 in the App Centre partner of the year category.

At Sodales we are committed to providing a new technological software experience enhancing the organization process. At Sodales, we are committed to offering solutions that lead to a better workforce and a safer workplace, and we measure our achievement by your achievement.

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