How Sodales Solutions is Changing the Landscape for Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management

EHS by Sodales

November 29, 2021

How Sodales Solutions is Changing the Landscape for Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management

Over the last few years, organizations have realized the need to prioritize safety compliance as they are forced to adapt to new and changing guidelines. This constant change has shifted their focus to improving processes and insights, and proactively identifying non-conformities through site and environmental based safety. Organizations consistently experience rapid changes to operations and business goals, requiring them to deploy solutions that possess the necessary agility that allows them to respond to these changes.When it comes to managing EHS, the emphasis is traditionally placed on managing incidents, causing this reactive approach to create gaps in an organization’s strategy. The Sodales EHS platform enables organizations to take a proactive approach to their Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management. By integrating safety across business decisions, strategy and performance, the Sodales EHS software enables this new proactive approach in safety management beyond just completing safety audits.With emphasis placed on generating a holistic view of organizational well-being, from enhanced collaboration to employee engagement, the Sodales EHS software replaces outdated health and safety processes that traditionally lead to silos and increased risks. With Sodales EHS, organizations can create an open line of communication across all employee levels and foster an environment of collaboration with external parties.Sodales’ EHS software enhances an organization’s ability to identify and prevent risks, with machine learning capabilities that provides the necessary analytical data and metrics to measure and assess your business processes. This operational data is fundamental to achieving actionable insights that make it easier for organizations to evaluate trends and make recommendations for proactive measures that will ultimately streamline an organizations compliance.Sodales Solutions is committed to providing the agility that is essential to organizations through their integrated EHS solution. Pre-built workflows, configurable forms and templates for a variety of industries and a business admin console creates the customizable solution to meet the varying needs of organizations. With one unified platform for managing health and safety, this solution is powered by AI based chatbots, that leverages process level integration to provide a 360-degree view across core business functions. Live integration with SAP SuccessFactors as well as other third-party systems gives organizations the ultimate flexibility for managing their health and safety with Sodales.Learn how Sodales Solutions can become an integral part of your organization’s health and safety management with our EHS software built on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Book a demo with one of our product managers today to get started.

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