How Sodales helps unionized environments in companies to ease their job bidding process?

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April 3, 2017

A very important element in a unionized environment is to have a total cohesion between the union and HR department to sustain a productive workforce. There are innumerable changes this kind of a set up poses. Among the various protocols and processes that a unionized environment encompasses, one important aspect which every employee under the union eagerly looks up to is the job bidding process. Whenever there is a new open position rolled out, employees can apply to those jobs if they match up to the required criteria. Operationally, the challenge is to maintain a track of applications and also manage the postings. Companies still follow the traditional paper based model which becomes very cumbersome considering the large volume of applications against the long list of job openings.

Also, with a diverse requirement and diverse skill sets from employees, it practically becomes a mess when companies do it manually. Moreover, when HR department posts a job and when a candidate applies, they are not sure whether the application matches the criteria and they have to scan through all the applications and check every qualification parameter.

Sodales Solutions has crafted a solution that best fits this requirement and eradicates the manual process, making the life of HR department easy and improving their productivity in this scenario. The bidding process extension app is built on SAP Cloud Platform, which can easily be extended to various installed bases like SAP ECC, SAP SuccessFactors, or any Third Party HR systems.

Crafted specifically for HR managers and Unions across organizations in key sectors like transport, manufacturing, healthcare and many more, this solution has certain key features which provides true value to the organization

1. Employees can apply to only those jobs where the skills are a match. This removes the clutter of applications that HR department receives against each job posting, making their job very easy to scrutinize and shortlist from the received applications

2. Among the received applications, those employees who have higher seniority and meet the desired qualification criteria are automatically qualified and shortlisted, thus helping in faster decision making

3. The solution allows employees to bid on multiple job postings at the same time.

4. From an HR perspective, they can define the qualification criteria and the subsequent questionnaire for each job posting

Over and above these features, the solution brings some key “value drivers” to the table, which is illustrated below


The solution can be deployed as a standalone application which is built on SAP Cloud platform and available on both mobile and desktop platforms

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