How is Sodales EHS software helping customers in the Construction industry with a safer crew management?


November 3, 2020


The construction sites are one of the most dangerous sites for work. Many construction activities have a potential for accidents and injuries, costing millions of dollars per year to corporations. According to the US National Safety Council, work-related accidents have caused companies to lose 103,000,000 production days in 2018. Out of each 5,000 private-industry employee fatalities, 20 percent are construction allied. That means one out of every five worker deaths is related to construction.


While the construction industry is potentially dangerous, some of these hazards can be mitigated by adequate protection, health training, routine inspections, and upgraded equipment. In addition, companies can save millions of dollars each year by eliminating safety risks associated with slides, falls, and other hazards.


Sodales Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management (EHSEM) solution helps Construction companies to handle their Enterprise health and safety management efficiently and effectively. Incident investigation, Site Safety Inspections, Risk Assessments are managed explicitly in the software and controlling many operational risks. Our Solution will eradicate the day-to-day pressures associated with Enterprise health and safety management.


The following are the areas where Sodales EHSEM delivers greater efficiency for companies in the construction sector by managing risk and retool their facilities.


  • Pre-job safety talks

Pre-job safety talks are an important way to keep workers safe. The Solution offers an easy way to perform pre-job safety talks at the beginning of every job, especially for the crew present at different job sites. Using iPads or tablets, solution helps you document discussions on a broad scale with pre-defined checklists as well as guided questions. The crew present on the job can add possible hazards, notes, corrective actions, and relevant documents for centralized access. Sodales EHS automates the processes and generates reports to measure the effectiveness of meetings for ongoing incident prevention.


  • Prioritized Equipment and Site Safety 

The Sodales EHSEM enables the tracking of a wide range of equipment and job site audits. It generates site inspection checklists to identify hazards, verifying compliance, and evaluate the worksite. This helps the company to monitor concerns, damaged equipment, and upgrades to ensure that it is safe to use. From a centralized location for saving data, records of pre-built templates, automated inspection forms, and checklists are now more accessible and quicker to complete with Sodales EHSEM.


  • COVID – 19 preventability 

Employers have responsibilities to shield workers from occupational risks as laid out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The dissemination of COVID-19 around the world and the accompanying demands for social distancing has posed various concerns for employers. To reduce the infection and maintain physical distancing, the supervisor can complete an inspection form on every worker’s behalf. The Solution has the ability to capture pictures of the crew members from a safe distance instead of having them touch the device for sign off.


  • Digital transformation

User adoption is critical for new process implementation. Many organizations’ concern is that employees are reluctant to evolving technology prefer to fill up forms through laptops and other mobile devices. To help employees conquer their anxiety, Optical character recognition (OCR) integration allows the Solution to recognize words and characters on a scanned paper or visual representations of physical typed or handwritten documents. The other voice-to-text feature permits to capture data faster, monitor real-time issues, and facilitate hand-free working.


The Solution is built on the SAP Cloud Platform with pre-built integration with SAP SuccessFactors, as well as with third-party systems.

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