How coinnovation will drive ROI from your SAP investment

User Experience

December 30, 2014

Many of us are excited to simplify our enterprise systems, improve user adoption with simple easy user experience and drive ROI from our SAP investments. Before we can achieve this, we have many fundamental challenges to overcome:

  • First, we often don’t know where to begin and what the pre-requisites are for our particular landscape.
  • Secondly, we don’t have a way to quickly to learn the new technology skills and ramp up a successful solution delivery.

SAP’s BYOFA (Build Your Own Fiori App) workshop can help you overcome the above challenges.

The BYOFA workshop is a collaboration opportunity for SAP partners and their customers to work with skilled Design Thinking coaches, UX experts and first class Fiori consultants from SAP’s co-innovation team. During the workshop, SAP experts guide participants on how to build a new Fiori app following the SAP Fiori design paradigm, and guide them all the way through the completion of the app and its SAP certification.

Reasons you should join the BYOFA workshop

Embrace Design Thinking framework – The new way to envision technology

Discovering the exact problem and figuring out where to get started is one of the biggest challenges in solving problems as it is quite common to confuse a problem with its symptoms. The BYOFA workshop uses the Design Thinking framework to discover as well as solve the business problem.

During the BYOFA workshop, customers, SAP partners and SAP designers work together to discover the business problem using an empathy and research based approach. Later, they work hands-on to discover the solution using creativity and the cyclic prototyping approach. Such approaches eliminate the need to write extensive blueprint documentation upfront, which often results in misunderstandings during the development phase.

When we asked André Van Staden, Sr. Technical Consultant at Illumiti, about his key take-away from the workshop, he noted:
“Coming to this workshop the second time goes to show that there is always value in going through the design thinking process with the customer. Before the workshop we had our pre-conceived ideas about how we will achieve the work, but with design thinking we really thought through the whole process and came up with a totally new solution that actually suits the customer much better. I love the new WebIDE development environment that SAP provides. That takes the development of apps to a whole new level, making them much easier and interactive. It’s a great tool from SAP.”

Working hands-on with the newest technology trends

If you are an IT person, you would know that conducting a technical feasibility prior to implementing a new solution can be very painful. It requires a mix of skill-sets and proprietary expertise that aren’t readily available within every IT organization. It also requires detailed research. The lack of hands-on experience in working with new technologies impedes us from serving our business community as fast as we should be.Prior to the BYOFA workshop, the co-innovation team conducts a preparation call with the partner and the customer to really understand the suitability of the landscape, gaps and recommendations.

During the BYOFA workshop you will be working hands-on with the SAP co-innovation team where all of your landscape related questions are answered in a very personalized fashion. You also get hands-on access to SAP development systems that are setup with the latest development accelerators for SAP HANA and SAP Fiori.

Fast Track “Customer Success Story”

A common misunderstanding about SAP projects is that they can be extremely cost and resource intensive, especially when it comes to doing new things. The BYOFA workshop enables partners and customers to fast track solution delivery from “an idea to an app” in a matter of just a few days. This creates an amazing opportunity for partners as well as customers to create a solution success story using SAP’s latest innovations (SAP HANA and SAP Fiori).

In summary, fast track app delivery with customer involvement is achieved through two major aspects of the BYOFA framework.

1. Design Thinking – eliminates the need for blueprint, lengthy documentation and inefficient discovery approach prior to the development.

2. Technical Coaching – eliminates the need for technical research, Q&A and unclear solution architecture . During the BYOFA workshop, partners and customers work directly with SAP co-innovation experts and coaches. Get personalized coaching until the app is deployed.

If you would like to attend the next BYOFA workshop, click here to learn more.

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