Faster time to Innovate: SAP SuccessFactors Safety and Labor Relations Compliance


November 8, 2019

Sodales offers several solutions to multinational corporations. Some of these solutions include Labor Relations, Health, and Safety, Job Bidding, Continuous Performance Management, Seniority Management, Discipline Tracking, and Civil Services for Recruitment.

All these solutions by Sodales offer robust technology and are designed to cover the end to end business requirements of our customers. In current environments, businesses are continually upgrading to compete in the market, and they need to be adaptive to changes. Sodales Solutions provides a competitive advantage by enabling our customers to update solutions as per changing rules in the organization, their compliance needs, and new business requirements. Companies that resist change are set for failure

Adhoc Reports via Admin Console
The most important demand that the Sodales admin console offers is the reporting capabilities. Companies have large sets of data that are generated into dynamic reports to share with their team members and other required users. The company can set up a default report by adding sort filters on to these reports and apply pivot chart capabilities. These reports can be generated in an excel spreadsheet if required. This feature allows customers to accommodate changing reporting requirements throughout the year.

Survey and Document Assignment
Companies in the F&B, Public, EC&O, and Transportation sectors have benefitted by using the varied capabilities admin console. Conglomerates in the F&B industry have utilized this by implementing Sodales Continuous Performance Requirements. CPM allows management to set-up feedback surveys to a broader audience. The questions can be edited; their response criteria can be defined by using the admin capabilities. In the case of a newer survey, the questions can be updated anytime.
Similarly, Another Multinational Corporation in the F&B industry benefitted by using Sodales’s Document Management capabilities. In this scenario, management needs to push out documents to an audience across different departments, locations, and divisions. The admin console allows filtering the audience by grouping them and by setting a document validity start and end date if required.

Letter Template Generation
The other requirements that the admin console has fulfilled for the customers in EC&O and Transportation industries to pre-define letter templates in the admin console, library management, field & column changes, and updating of external contacts that are not part of the organization. The contacts can be loaded as a batch upload using excel or individually in the admin console.

Lastly, several customers in the public sector are unionized. Union rules, such as seniority rules, disciplinary rules, and CBA management, can be updated in the admin console. Formulas can be set up during initial implementation allowing the user to update, edit and delete whenever there’s a change in the company policies. One of the additional features of the admin console allows for editing/defining change in the dates of payroll processing.

Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform solution extension partner giving prepared to send cloud extensions for directed business processes for SAP Success Factors, SAP S/4 Hana, and SAP Ariba. Sodales Cloud extensions fill necessary prerequisites for Regulated Industries such as Health&Safety, Labor Relations, Discipline Management, and Union Job Bidding, Sodales has referenceable clients in the public sector, utilities, healthcare, education, and EC&O enterprises.

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