Extending your SuccessFactors across Sales Organizations using the Sales Order Analytical App

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January 9, 2017

Any enterprise, irrespective of their industry vertical has a decentralized sales structure. This is because of the fact that they have multiple business units headed by respective business heads who have their own set of sales organization. However, within the decentralized structure comes a challenge of having a centralized system that will help them to achieve data centralization and also keep a track on the achievements of the sales executive, in terms of sales orders and the overall sales pipeline. Most of the enterprises face a daunting task of having the right tool that will allow them to have multiple stages of approval process with financial thresholds defined. As an outcome of enterprises are left with

1. Cluttered data across the system

2. Lot of manual intervention for approval process which causes delays in the process of sending responses to customers

3. Manual efforts to compile the data to be sent to executive team

4. Lack of proper MIS or dashboard that causes tremendous disparity in decision making among business unit heads ad more importantly not able to speed up the decision making

At Sodales, we were able to identify this need after having discussion with companies in sectors like consumer products, healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, etc. We went back to the drawing board and came up with a simple yet effective product to help the line managers and finance department to get a clarity on the sales orders generated or to be generated by the sales executives.

The sales order approval app which is built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, is a powerful analytical app that speeds up the approval process on the products or services that are sold. The true value proposition is when the senior executives who are always on the move and they can approve the request through a handheld devices. The primary objective of this app was to address the most important challenge – delayed order approvals causing delayed deliverables.


What does the solution Do?
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This analytical app whih can serve as an extension of SAP SuccessFactors, for performance measurement:

1. Enables multiple level of approvals across the sales hierarchy and which can be defined according to the financial threshold (order value/order size)

2. Provide complete clarity to the managers on all pending sales orders

3. Provides reminders and push notifications to give regular alerts

4. Senior executives can easily approve, reject or forward an approval with their specific comments

5. Approve orders in bulk or even a single entry from the series of line items in the order queue

6. Provides real time access to information and is agnostic to devices, as executives can access these details in mobile or tablets or PC.


The sales order analytical app provides a coherent experience and runs on any backend system and is a plug-n-play solution

Sodales Solutions Inc is an award winning SAP HANA Cloud Platform Solution Extension Partner. We have developed more than 100 SAP HANA Cloud Platform based packaged apps. We were the first SAP partner to co-develop an S/4 HANA extension app at SAP co-innovation lab.

To know more about how to implement the sales order analytical app and extend it on your SAP SuccessFactors, write to us at sana.salam@sodalessolutions.comor call us at +1.647.824.4286

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