Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management Software – Enhanced and Improved


June 1, 2018

Statistics from the Government of Manitoba reveal that the Workplace Safety and Health receives over 8,300 phone calls and countless emails with queries, tips, hazard and incident reports at workplaces annually. After a scrupulous understanding of the severity of these risks and the history record of the employer, approximately 1,300 tips are short-listed and assigned to an officer for further follow-up. Regular site inspections and investigations enable companies to prevent future injuries, eliminate risk of hazards and fatalities.

The Sodales EHSEM Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management software has had booming sales this year with customers already implementing the software globally and several other prospective clients looking to deploy it in the upcoming year. While our standard out of the box solution offered a number of highly in-demand features in the market, Sodales has now had the opportunity to enhance and strengthen their solution with some brand-new additions. The Sodales (EHSEM) Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management software is a cloud-based HR extension compliant with OSHA/WSIB/WCB or any regulatory forms within the country of deployment. The solution triggers a configurable workflow to streamline the process of reporting of incidents, investigations, ergonomic risks, hazard reporting, claims management, drug/medical tests, return to work and modified duties.

Site Audit Management

The Sodales EHSEM Enterprise Health, Safety and Environment Management allows configurable forms specific to the client’s company with very easy to use dropdown menus, radio buttons and a standard SAP Fiori user experience to make selections and identify potential hazards at a certain work site. Site auditors are able to use a checklist to track all the practices that are not being used along with any positive feedback for the workers being observed. The auditors can then suggest action plans for the future in order to avoid an accident from occurring. These site audits can be used to maintain a proactive safety approach. The auditor also has the ability to rate and evaluate the job site using Pass/Fail standards and a calculation engine. These forms can then be used to generate real-time executive level reports saving the countless man hours that go into running reports which help them understand the underlying metrics and in developing additional improvement strategies.

Return to Work
Another feature that Sodales enhanced was their Return to Work (RTW) feature. This module allows a single point of entry that manages and combines workplace accommodation, modified duties and return to work schedule with a view of the doctor’s evaluations for the employees injured at work. Triggering a configurable workflow, employees can request additional time using the responsive mobile application by indicating planned date of return and notes from the doctor. Managers can use these details to assess the physical demands of the current job, pick a temporary job from a visual list of all vacant positions and suggest modified duties accordingly. These criteria to determine the qualification or limitations of certain jobs can defined in the Admin Console by a user with administrative rights. This makes it very easy to narrow down the search and quickly find the perfect fit for individuals looking to be placed in a different role temporarily.

The aforementioned features have been valuable additions to our EHS solution. Customers are now able to generate important analytics and executive level reports, allowing them to be progressive in the industry. These features have given Sodales competitive market advantage and provided them the grounds to be recognized for the Pinnacle – Partner of the Year Award for 2018 – for bringing customers higher ROI and delivering cutting-edge solutions.

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