Enable Transparent Collaboration With Sodales Safety and Labor Relations Software For SAP SuccessFactors


November 7, 2019

Enable transparent collaboration across employees, legal and HR with the intelligent letter and output templates

Transparency and proper communication in an organization improve productivity and employee engagement within the organization. The cross-functionality in the organization benefits everyone where they can have their viewpoints, bring their experience and expertise during to solve issues. Sodales offers various SAP solutions that bring transparency within the organization by enabling integration across multiple departments having access limited to hierarchy.

How Pre-loaded Templates helped to conduct Audit Trails effectively and efficiently.
One of the Sodaless customers in the transportation sector is managing labor relations union claims using the Sodales app and based on different unions. To follow the end to end process of the filed claim from its initiation to resolution, there are several steps that need to be taken care of, and several letters are exchanged between the labor relations team, unions, and the employees. The Sodales app allowed the customer to preload templates for dismissal; letters appeal responses, award summaries, reinstatement letters, etc. this cuts down on the processing period of each case by allowing each member to extract these letters by indicating their preference by using a simple drop-down selection.
This will maintain an audit trail. All communication happening in chronological order in each step of the communication process and streamline the collaboration between labor relations teams, unions, management, and the employees. Every member of the process will have real-time visibility into the stage the claim has reached.

How Pre-loaded Templates helped to smooth Job-Bidding process in Utility sector
Another one of sodales customers in the utility sector is using a job bidding solution for internal hiring. Our solution allows us to post job bids and make them available to employees based on the unions that each employee is tied to. This solution is required to send out bid list or job bidding templates when a job bid is published when a bid is awarded or when a bid is closed out. The system HR to pick a template from each step from a drop-down list. Once the template is loaded, it can be submitted and sends out email notifications to the required recipients.
At Sodales, our software increases your efficiency by minimizing the paper clutter. At Sodales, we are committed to offering solutions that lead to a better workforce and a safer workplace, and we measure our achievement by your achievement.

Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform solution extension partner giving prepared to send cloud extensions for directed business processes for SAP Success Factors, SAP S/4 Hana, and SAP Ariba. Sodales Cloud extensions fill necessary prerequisites for Regulated Industries such as Health&Safety, Labor Relations, Discipline Management, and Union Job Bidding, Sodales has referenceable clients in the public sector, utilities, healthcare, education, and EC&O enterprises.

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