Don’t Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

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February 18, 2014

Enterprise Mobility is not for future. It is for today.

In times of rapid change, one of the most difficult challenges is to keep up with ever changing business needs, external factors and tough competition. Companies are making huge investments in technology to gain insights to make informed decisions, to optimize business processes, to engage with their customers and to better prepare for marketplace challenges.

According the Gartner survey of CIOs, mobility has been number two on their list of technical priorities for the last two years. Senior Executives of successful organizations require IT systems allowing better connectivity with all partners and mobility.

Enterprise mobility also known as mobile apps for businesses enables companies to run their business processes and reports with a simple, easy and intuitive experience (using mobile apps and web based applications) on mobile devices. It is an opportunity for companies to create new relations with their customers, partners and employees. Some of the most common business needs that are driving the need for mobility are:

  • Employees , customers and partners increasingly demand real-time information for smooth collaboration. Getting operational data and KPIs ready at fingertips enable companies to become more competitive in today’s technologically driven society.
  • Virtual and mobile workforce such as field users and sales teams without having to depend on back office and IT. Improved user productivity. Get more work done in less time.
  • Executives need to access critical business information in real time for adhoc analysis, variance explanation and reporting. This enables executives, global teams and workforce on the road to become self-sufficient and agile.

While many of us are aware of the benefits that enterprise mobility can bring to our organization, we often consider that enterprise mobility is needed for future. We think that enterprise mobility is adopted by companies who are leading edge and far more advanced in their SAP adoption so we look at it as a “nice to have”. While some of us are giving more priority to stabilizing our traditional ERP projects, integrating new data-feeds and managing change impacts – we are not prioritizing mobile projects. Sustaining our existing systems, however, is a big challenge when it comes to flexibility, agility and user adoption- business users often end up with multiple shadow systems which results in losing the benefits of integrated enterprise solution. Getting all of your data from various sources such as social media, systems, applications and machines in one place is a “must have” in this volatile marketplace. You just simply cannot wait on your IT or back-office staff to miss out on the opportunities and be late in responding to marketplace uncertainties.

The point that we are missing is that mobility is not for future. It is for today. It is “the solution” to those existing challenges we are fighting in our traditional IT landscape and business world. Mobility helps us solve today’s challenges with people engagement, decision making, user engagement and operational efficiencies. When designed with a simple user-experience (UX), the overall benefits result in significantly cutting down the training and change management impacts for the end users. The benefits are also seen within IT transformation, workplace flexibility and user satisfaction.

Sodales Solutions is specialized in designing mobile strategies, design and development for your mobile initiatives as well as integration with your backend systems. Whether you maintain SAP and looking to enable SAP Fiori in your landscape or you maintain other ERP technologies and looking to mobilize your business processes, we can help. We can get you started with your enterprise mobility initiative while leveraging your existing platforms and incrementally build next level enhancements over time. Let us help you align your organization within the mobile marketplace.

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