Do you need 360-degree preview of your customers or accounts? Check out Customer 360 by Sodales Solutions built on SAP FIORI UX


August 22, 2016

Every organization has a nucleus which drives the entire ecosystem. This nucleus encourages, motivates and allows organizations to create new benchmarks. Yes, we are talking about customer. The key element and the nucleus of the ecosystem that we are all part of. And who better than the sales guy who knows the importance of having them in the good books of customers to enable them to give repetitive business.

However, in the rat race of closing deals and signing contracts, it becomes difficult for sales teams to have a complete visibility on the customers they are managing. More so, they always want to have key numbers on their finger tips or just a click away.

That is where the magic of SAP Fiori comes into picture, combined with the skill of Sodales’ consutlants ; we have been able to create this wonderful solution called Customer 360 degree dashboard. What does it do? Well, to put it in one line, it allows sales teams to keep a track on their customers and also monitor their own performance on target vs actuals, giving them a holistic picture of where they stand on a given day/month/year.

Customer 360 Analytical App allows sales teams of any organization to manage customers easily. Users can manage existing customers, monitor sales pipeline and qualified leads, manage key customer contacts, track bonuses and notifications.
This app is built using the SAP Fiori UX component and it can be deployed easily and seamlessly on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
The following image gives you a better clarity on the dashboard of the Customer 360 analytical app.


For any sales team, the key tasks that they do have been captured in this app viz: Sales teams in organizations are always on the go and in need of real-time customer data such as potential and qualified opportunities, customer contacts, quotas, account performance and outstanding issues etc.

This critical information allows any organization to have a better relationship with their customers and grow business.
Customer 360 Analytical App provides industry defined KPIs to sales teams enabling them to perform their core actions easily.

1) Track new customer opportunities by product line, region and customers.

2) Monitor and act on outstanding notifications for enhanced customer relationship.

3) Manage customer meetings and appointment scheduling.

4) Manage customer contacts and document notes.

5) Communicate with peers and share information/lessons learned.

6) Identify top opportunities in a specific region or territory

7) Setup customized news feed for weather, traffic and internal company news.

Sodales Solutions developed this simple yet efficient app that addressed all these key elements and much more to help the sales team to enhance their productivity and increase their efficiency.

When it comes to value addition, it turns out that this app provides a tremendous value addition to the sales team across industry verticals who use this app. Some of the key value addition that Sodales provides to its customers through Customer 360 is:

1) Fiori UX with mobile enabled smart analytics for each persona

2) Single point of entry for all reporting tools. So no hassle for the sales team to wait for reports or fire a query to fetch the report. Everything is available on a click

3) Numbers tell a consistent story to everyone while giving options for analysis tools and personality based learning style

Typically, this app, helps any organization across industry verticals, however we developed this for our key customers in Manufacturing, High Tech, Engineering industry verticals.

The customer 360 analytical app is an IOT based smart analytic app, developed by Sodales Solutions. Sodales Solutions is an award winning SAP Partner organization and the first SAP Certified Partner for Fiori. Sodales has developed strong competency in SAP HANA Cloud Platform with S/4 HANA extensions and providing enhanced user experience using SAP Fiori UX.

We are conducting envision workshops to enlighten our customers with the benefits of HANA Cloud Platform and to give you a broader insight, we are providing a free Proof of Concept for HANA Cloud Platform using a single used case.

To register for these workshops, please write to or call us at +1.647.824.4286
Sodales is also offering a beta program of S/4 HANA extension apps so that customers can enjoy a free trial of these apps.

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