Digitizing union job bidding, union seniority and grievance management processes for public sector (Customer Case Study)


March 31, 2020


Unionized work environments have a job bidding process whereby any union employee can only apply for the jobs if they “contractually qualify” for the required skills. Preference is given to employees with higher seniority who possess such skills and qualifications. These organizations have negotiated union contracts (CBA) that govern the pay and working conditions of the union-represented employees. Union represented jobs are, for the most part, filled by the most senior qualified bidder based on various criteria such as job classification, department, location, status, discipline history, policy rules, union representation, seniority date and posting timelines, etc. Most companies are following a paper-based mechanism for this process, which is difficult to maintain and error-prone, resulting in operational delays and policy violations.

Customer Case Study (Click Here)

Puget Sound Energy is a Washington state energy utility that provides electrical power and natural gas primarily in the northwest United States, serving a population of approximately 4 million. It needed a solution to provide complete life cycle support for human capital management processes for grievance management, discipline management, arbitration steps, maintenance of CBA/rule books, seniority rules and reporting. It found what it needed from Sodales Labor Relations software, an integrated labor relations app that has boosted efficiency for PSE to drive Workforce Excellence and legal Compliance by streamlining preventive strategies.

The Job Bidding module of Sodales Labor Relations software enables HR administrators to easily set up job bidding templates based on seniority rules and CBA rules. Union employees can easily apply for jobs if they meet the required qualifications and skills. Job Bidding solution enables complete life-cycle support for defining job bidding rules, bid posting notifications, open bid timelines, bid sheets, bid lists, bid status rules, and issuance of offer letters for winning bids. The solution supports regular bids, mass bidding, inter-departmental bidding, multi-bidding along-with a pre-defined library of bidding rules for multi-union environments. The opening and closing dates are managed through the CBA data. The solution enables full integration with core HR for requisition data along with the flexibility to enable these special requisitions locally within our software.

Here are some of the top system benefits that they achieved through this solution extension.
• Ability to split one job across multiple resources, multiple locations and multiple managers.
• Ability to create one bid with multiple positions by location. Ability to manage multi-bids for expediting the hiring process in situations when union members are moving into one or more open positions create subsequent vacancies.
• Ability to enable bidding on the position openings and expected position openings simultaneously through contractual qualifications and seniority status with location preferences.
• Intelligent analytics engine for automatic qualification checks, seniority preferences, and bid statuses
• Full integration with core HR- SAP SuccessFactors/SAP HR

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