COVID Traceability- Sodales Enterprise, Health and Safety Module


September 20, 2020


A global pandemic has fundamentally changed many things worldwide; running a sustainable business is one of them. A recent study by Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) indicates that due to lost time from work triggered by COVID 19, employers can take a cost of more than $23 billion in total for employee benefits of absent workers.  This is why it is becoming essential for businesses to have a detailed process in place which accommodates sufficient protocols to manage the coronavirus at work. Here at Sodales, we offer great tools to tackle the vulnerabilities and risks due to this pandemic. Today companies need to be mindful of an outbreak at their workplace, find ways to communicate new protocols and keep their workforce safe, focusing on business sustainability. Sodales Solutions offers an end-to-end COVID screening module to help companies mitigate risks associated with the COVID-19 transmission and provides investigative tools to trigger and follow on preventative action plans.

Sodales software provides companies a screening tool- many companies are struggling to bring back their workforce with a safe and risk-free environment. Sodales enabled this tool to collect and apply preliminary measures to keep their staff protected from the COVID-19 outbreak. This tool allows companies to do a quick screening of their employees before they start their day at work, to help curtail the imparting of the virus. It is a highly configurable tool that allows companies to decide the set of questions and instructions to be displayed each day at work. Sodales tool with its mobile platform allows all employees, including remote staff, to easily complete their screening criteria with ease on their mobile devices.

Notify and prioritize handling COVID suspects – What if someone is suspected for COVID-19? The solution provides automatic trigger notifications to inform management to take immediate actions for any suspected cases of COVID-19. Using real-time actionable workflows, the Sodales tool can trace all potential suspects and notify them to isolate immediately before further transmission. Sodales push notifications are configurable, allowing companies to set timely alerts to be sent to anyone within the company hierarchy reflecting priorities.

Traceability matrix – When there’s a confirmed case of COVID, the traceability matrix allows to narrow down to patient zero. It allows getting a view of all the people; the confirmed case has been in contact with and whom those people further could have transmitted the virus in a chain. Our tool allows a visual with collapse expands options, which notifies all of these suspects that they have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID, and they need to self-isolate immediately.

One dashboard to reflect daily screening results and compliance report – With a vast workforce and enormous screening result, it is essential to have vital analytical tools and the ability to generate location or project-specific reports. Sodales tool provides one dashboard highlighting important information like the number of suspects, compliant departments, follow-up actions, notes on suspects. 

With real-time analytics, it is easy for management to maintain sustainability in the business and follow risk management plans.

The COVID Traceability module is available for completely free of charge for our customers. The module is fully configureable and it can be deployed as early as in 10 days.


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