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November 21, 2016

As a part of their employee engagement and motivation activities, HR department in companies conduct regular counseling sessions. These counseling sessions are more like therapeutic sessions to understand the root cause of an employee and then give them necessary advice. Companies hire external counseling officers from various public departments who come and conduct these sessions.

A major challenge that companies face is to schedule these sessions and more importantly, to manage the scheduling/rescheduling, since these are public officers and they also have to perform their regular duty, it becomes challenging for them to fix up on a particular schedule. Companies also have a tough time in getting the evaluation reports as an outcome of these sessions. Some of the key challenges that organizations faced were:

1. Lack of tools to schedule employee counseling sessions

2. Inability for managers to assess evaluations of employees

3. Lack of tools for managers to review the progress and approve employee counseling session times

What would be helpful to the companies is to have a solution that will bring the HR administration and the counseling officers on a single platform, and also integrate the system with their existing core HR system (for eg: SAP SuccessFactors).

Sodales Solutions has developed a smart analytic app that will allow the administrator and the counseling officers to come on to a single centralized platform from where they communicate and share updates.

If you look at the launchpad as illustrated below, it is a very simple with clearly indicated tiles which are configurable and the user can have a further drill down on each of the tiles that they see on the Launchpad.


The officer view of the Launchpad has three simple tiles which covers all the areas for a counseling officer.
An officer can check his schedule and based on he can get a session assigned by the company for a session. Company administration can also have a look at the calendar of the officers and based on their availability they can assign an evaluation session.

The Counsellor Scheduling App has undergone a journey of innovation which makes you see what it is right now. The key aspects of this solution are:

1. Ability to issue evaluations based on department types, location and name
2. Ability to issue mass notifications to officers using text and emails
3. Provides employees the ability to request available slots, review their overall schedule and manage appointment notes
4. Ability to generate reports with session feedbacks, number of sessions and trends by department
5. Works on all devices


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