Cloud- An enticing new addition to the IT toolbox


May 11, 2014

Technology marketplace is changing at twisting speed and it has been hard for the IT teams to keep up with the constantly evolving business needs and fuming innovation.

Peter Hinssen, renowned technology entrepreneur, lecturer and author explains the notion of cloud within the evolution of IT age.

First Phase of IT- Build highly custom software solutions. Took years-decades to deliver to business .

In the first phase of IT, we focused on building solutions. Many organizations had to hire an army of software developers who would construct IT solutions that would take years or even decades to develop. This labour intensive approach meant that there was a limit to the speed at which IT could deliver solutions to business.

Second Phase of IT-Buy software. Spend months-years to customize it.

In the second phase of IT, we purchased a software solution and then customized it to the needs of the business. This approach of buying a software and customizing often resulted in faster delivery of solutions compared to the build approach but even here we had a limit in terms of speed of delivery. With the twisting speed of technology innovation, it has become hard to keep up with constantly evolving business needs and as a result there is a need to deliver even faster.

Third Phase of IT-Deliver solutions directly from the cloud. Takes minutes-weeks to deliver.

We are now entering the third phase of IT. The era of now. The era where instant gratification has become the new norm. Today, we have the ability to deliver instant solutions directly from the cloud.

“But don’t interpret this as if the cloud offering is the next logical evolution and all build and buy projects will cease to exist on the contrary. The cloud offers an answer to the” now needs “of the business that can be deployed extremely quickly but will be a set of standard solutions. Good enough technology but often plain vanilla. The buy solutions will still exist and offer more tailoring options. And the build projects will be for those solutions that are unique and require fully tailor-made customized solution. “says Hinssen.
The three methods of delivering IT solutions should be seen as a portfolio of options that IT now has for delivering applications to the business. The cloud should be seen as a “new addition” to the toolsets of the IT professionals to help tackle the challenges of today’s fast paced technologically driven society. The society where speed of change and innovation is vital for our progress. And we all know that progress makes us very happy. 🙂

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