Can technology enable you to manage your employee grievances? Answer lies in Sodales’ Labor Management App

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October 10, 2016

One of the key assets of any organization is its manpower. This factor becomes even more critical when the organizations have their labor force working in extreme conditions and monitoring the labor force and ensuring their safety is of utmost priority. Next critical element for an organization is to ensure that the interests of the labor force is addressed, for which we have the labor unions who ensure consistent and fair policies for all employees. The challenge that organizations face is when an employee files a grievance there is a tedious process and lot of paperwork involved.

The big question is, how does an organization manage, monitor and address these issues all through just in a matter of seconds. Sodales has already address this through their product Labor Management App which can be deployed independently as well as serve as an extension to your existing HCM or SuccessFactor system.

Labor Management App by Sodales Solutions ensures management, tracking and addressing of employee grievances and address some of the challenges that organizations face, like:

1. Paper trail of each grievance causes a lot of administrative issues

2. Hard to trace investigator notes, meeting minutes, resolutions from arbitrations

3. No way of easily checking past grievances and employee disciplinary records

This app is intended for sectors where you have unionized labor like

1. Public Sector

2. Manufacturing

3. Utilities

The following video is a snippet on how Sodales’ Labor Management App works and the value addition it brings to our customers

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