Can SAP Fiori help you track and monitor the safety of your employees? Find out the Sodales Way


August 18, 2016

As a business consumer, you are aware of the fact that your employees are an asset. We talk about digitization and drone technology, but at the end of the day we all are in a consensus that you need people across key line of businesses in an organization.

A very critical element for every organization, particularly having extreme working conditions is the health and safety of their employees. The Employee Health & Safety Analytical app developed by Sodales Solutions, leverages the use of SAP Fiori UX to provide a comprehensive preview of health & safety parameters of employees of a customer organization

The following image will give you a better clarity on the dashboard screen. Sodales has used the concept of Cards in SAP Fiori UX to give a better representation of data on the dashboard.

The dashboard helped our customers to give a single point entry for the end to end life cycle health, safety, and disability management, which also includes parameters like incident creation, screening, investigation, corrective actions, lessons learned and KPI tracking.

The primary objective of this solution was to help our customers in industries like manufacturing, mining, chemicals, High tech where the working conditions of employees are extreme and there is a potential hazard which impacts the health and safety of employees.

Incidents are the major factors in these sectors and it is these incidents which drives the managers and supervisors into a frenzy. Employee Health & Safety Analytical app has taken care of the incident management, monitoring and tracking which you can see in the following image which depicts the severity of the incidents


The incident severity dashboard gives the manage a very easy drill down on various parameters that they would like to see such as:

 1. Completed against Pending Incidents

 2. Total expenses on incidents

 3. Different types of incidents recorded viz:

 a. Near Miss

 b. First Aid

 c. LTI

 d. Fatalities

The managers can get a visualization of a monthly and YTD statistics and if they need a further drill down on the statistics across a particular, it is just a click away.

Typically in a month, organizations encounter different types of incidents and when our customer shared their business scenario, we had to ensure that the manager/supervisor gets an access to the type of incidents reported and allow them to take necessary actions. Sodales developed the Incident type dashboard that not only gave the complete statistics on the type of incidents, but also an insight into the reasons behind the incident and the impact on the productivity

The employee health and safety app has key features that will provide measurable value to the business consumer

 1. Ability to setup various incident classes such as operational, injury, near-miss, environmental by various severity levels and status levels

 2. Provides configurable form‐based inputs combined with approval workflow to initiate incident investigation and automated follow‐on activities. Forms can be interactive or setup with pre-populated data

 3. Provides claims submission and tracking with approval workflow & supporting attachments

 4. Triggers exception notifications and defines follow on activities

 5. Provides health, safety, and disability management analytical reports with historical trending

The employee health and safety analytical app is an industry specific IOT based smart analytic app developed by Sodales Solutions. Sodales Solutions is an award winning SAP Partner organization and the first SAP Certified Partner for Fiori. Sodales has developed strong competency in SAP HANA Cloud Platform with S/4 HANA extensions and providing enhanced user experience using SAP Fiori UX.

We are conducting envision workshops to enlighten our customers with the benefits of HANA Cloud Platform and to give you a broader insight, we are providing a free Proof of Concept for HANA Cloud Platform using a single used case.

To register for these workshops, please write to sana.salam@sodalessolutions.comor call us at +1.647.824.4286


Sodales is also offering a beta program of S/4 HANA extension apps so that customers can enjoy a free trial of these apps.

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