Bringing your supply chain on a centralized information platform using SAP Fiori UX – for seamless collaboration

Industry Trends

November 7, 2016

As per a report published by McKinsey, companies are facing a daunting task to manage and optimize their supply chain, especially after the post financial crisis in 2008. There has been a shift in the priorities of companies as far as their Supply Chain Management is concerned, which can be depicted from this graphical representation from the report


Companies now want to have a seamless collaboration with their suppliers and ensure that they can keep a real time check on the suppliers, right from on boarding them to their invoicing and payments, taking care of the entire workflow.

During our interaction with companies, we found that a very key aspect of their day to day supplier management process is the fact that they are not connected with the suppliers through a centralized information system. This happens because of lot of multiple communications via emails through different channels, which eventually results in loss of information.

After having studied the report by McKinsey and also through constant feedback from our customer based, Sodales Solutions came up with an idea of creating a solution that will help the companies to seamlessly collaborate and interact with the suppliers through a centralized system. This was created to remove any sort of ambiguity during the workflow and ensure all information is retained and available at any given point in time, to help them to take informed decisions.

This can be used by the companies as well as their suppliers and comes with the following types of SAP Licensing Options
1. Runtime

2. Embedded

The key pre-requisite for the app to function seamlessly is that the company who should have the following system(s) as part of their solution environment.

1. SAP ERP EHP 5 or above


So what does this system do. Let us look at some of the important aspects to help you give a better clarity

1. Vendor Self-Service: Vendors to electronically submit their master data, documents and information for approval. Easily update contact and payment information

2. Integrated Workflow Management: A robust workflow for approval process for procurement and AP(Account payables)

3. File Uploading & Web Forms: Allow vendors or suppliers to upload files and submit web forms that you need as part of the process, i.e. W9’s, W8’s, ISO Certificates etc.

4. Data Validation: Validate and approve data in real-time

5. Track invoices and payment status .
6. Process vendor payments

7. Due data analysis reporting

8. Validation rules and auto detection of error

9. International Language support/translations

The key value proposition that the app brings to the table is the fact that the workflow approval process is completely customizable and the entire user interface is fluid and built on SAP Fiori UX with a multi-lingual option


If you are an organization running on HANA Cloud Platform or SAP ERP EHP5 and above, and you are looking to collaborate with your Supply Chain and bring everyone on a single platform, contact us for a demonstration and we will be more than happy to walk you through the solution

You can write to us at or call us at +1.647.824.4286

Sodales Solutions Inc is an award winning SAP HANA Cloud Platform Solution Extension Partner. We have developed more than 100 SAP HANA Cloud Platform based packaged apps. We were the first SAP partner to co-develop an S/4 HANA extension app at SAP co-innovation lab.

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