Blog Series: Importance of a EHS solution Part A


April 17, 2017

According to the United Sates Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries were reported in 2015. In which, workplace illnesses were accounted for 4.8 percent of the roughly 2.9 million injury cases. The statistics include various industries including natural recourses, mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, healthcare, energy, distribution, chemicals, and many more.In any workplace, Health & Safety Management is a very critical aspect of the policies and procedures guidelines. In case of compliance issues, the policies can be enforced against the employer as well as the employee. Without proper risk management, e.g. if workers do not receive safety trainings, equipment is not maintained in a timely manner, or work-related hazards have not been addressed, the potential of incidents is dangerously amplified.

In many organizations, the health and safety (EHS) management requires extensive investigations, meetings, and resolutions. For companies to manage a safer workplace for employees and workers, they need to better perform their risk management and compliance. Some of the major challenges that companies are facing are “Incident Management” and “Workers Compensation.”

Incident Management:

Typically, companies file a paper-based incident/occurrence report, which goes through the manager’s approval. The incident reports include various information such as, who got injured, location, injury type, cause, witness information and other important information. The problem with this approach is that the companies are not being proactive with their workplace risk and compliance. There is no visibility as to what is happening from the time of the incident creation to the closure, and related reporting.

Companies need to be able to record the incident, review the incident, and report it in an automated fashion. It also needs to have the visibility of all the steps into processing, including the viewing manager, status and various other elements. Having a standardized process gives companies the ability to report on these elements later-on.

Workers’ compensation:

Another challenge that companies are facing is with “Worker’s Compensation“. The companies don’t have the visibility of the cost, or how they can make a particular plant safer. Once the incident is created and it has gone through a workflow process, the claim management process gets kicked off. The claims could be related to employee disability or just the worker compensation of their lost time.

To better manage the “Worker’s Compensation”, companies need to better manage the costs arising from these incidents. The information should be captured in the form of a regulatory compliant forms. This should include injury types, injury description, the claim date, the application status, types of compensated costs etc. The worker’s compensation solution also requires integration with payroll and time systems.


Sodales Solutions has combined industry best practices and design thinking to successfully innovate “Health & Safety Management“. We provide a cloud based HCM solution with configurable tools to manage employee health and safety. The solution also comes with integrated services with SuccessFactors, Payroll and Time. This solution enables a single point of entry for incident creation, screening, investigations, and corrective actions. It also allows you to capture incidents with configurable offline forms (WSIB/OSHA), and guided workflows with follow-on activities, provide analytics on trending areas of health and safety. The solution also allows managing claims with approval workflows, and add attachments, such as doctor notes, internal/external documents in one place, as well as track safety training. The capabilities of the solution have helped several organizations transform their workplace compliance.

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