Best Practice Business Process Flows For Regulatory Compliance By Sodales


November 9, 2019

Best practices business process flows for regulated industries with out of the box workflows

The general understanding of a case management software that it comprises of incident reporting and tracking with a standardized process, whereas Sodales offers various pre-built solutions beyond being a case management software that can integrate with the SuccessFactors.

In the battles for developing markets, huge multinationals don’t hold all the advantages. Competition and free-market frame-work power organizations to enhance their operational efficiency, continually thereby understanding the basis of competitive advantage in the industry.

Sodales, since its inception, is ahead in the game by providing cutting edge software, enabling pre-built industry-specific process integrations, thereby enabling customers to increase their efficiency.

Sodales provides pre-built industry-specific process flows for grievances and appeal, union job bidding, seniority rules, discipline tracking, and civil service rules. Our software fully integrates with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Policy Rulebooks with searchable engines. Customers can enhance their policies by enabling pre-built templates that are regulatory compliant.

Regulated industries are required to abide by specific federal standards. Sodales has several customers in the utilities, manufacturing and public sector who were required to use OSHA/WSIB/WCB compliant processes.

The Customers used to face problems where the Information is tracked manually on excel sheets, and eventually, a person would consolidate all the critical reports to fill out the regulatory forms for submission. The Sodales solutions allows their customers to generate forms in the right templates by detecting the region the form is being filled and these applications are managed on the cloud platform. These forms provide data matrix and analytics and logs for automation of claims processes and improve compliance and engagement with necessary teams. Allow scalable software that is capturing end to end data from creation of incidents/cases, investigations, the corrective actions workflow claims and disability tracking.

Sodales regulatory application avoids costly fines that could derive from not following OSHA requirements by making these statutory forms available in real-time through PDF or excel outputs in the OSHA templates should there be a surprise inspector visit. Our tool improves productivity by 50%.

Sodales Solutions is an award-winning SAP Cloud Platform solution extension partner giving prepared to send cloud extensions for directed business processes for SAP Success Factors, SAP S/4 Hana, and SAP Ariba. Sodales Cloud extensions fill necessary prerequisites for Regulated Industries such as Health&Safety, Labor Relations, Discipline Management, and Union Job Bidding, Sodales has referenceable clients in the public sector, utilities, healthcare, education, and EC&O enterprises.

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