Benefits of Sodales’ Case Management Module

Case Management

January 11, 2023

Sodales’ case management software is a powerful and efficient way to organize and manage the wide range of requests and questions submitted by or on behalf of employees. Traditionally, employee relations, HR and other health and safety teams have used manual and labor-intensive processes such as written requests, paper forms, and spreadsheets to handle concerns. These methods often create more issues than they solve, and essential information can be overlooked or misplaced.

Sodales’ one-platform approach for handling health, safety and employee relations requests fills the gaps between departments, and stops vital information from slipping through the cracks. This increases transparency, improves operational efficiency, fosters a better employee experience, and aids organizations in meeting regulatory compliance. Keep reading to learn more about the features of our case management module, and the benefits it offers.

One-Platform Approach Increases Transparency

Unlike other case management software, Sodales’ case management is equipped to handle not only employee relations requests, but also matters related to health and safety, all within one platform. This includes cases such as discrimination complaints, code of conduct breaches, leave requests, ergonomic injuries and work-related health and safety incidents, like near misses. Our revolutionary one-platform approach breaks down silos and connects health, safety and employee relations processes across organizations, ensuring that all the right information gets to all the right people.

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Not only does our one-platform approach improve transparency by breaking down silos, but it also improves transparency between employers and employees. When an employee creates a case, or a case is created on their behalf, they can monitor the status of their case within the solution and feel confident it has been delegated to the correct team. This intuitive one-point of entry for employees means your team can spend more time doing what they’re best at, instead of jumping through hoops to relay critical information. Having an avenue to transparently communicate with employers is one way our case management software can improve employee experience – keep reading to discover more.

Foster Better Employee Experience

In today’s business environment, creating a positive employee experience is very important. It is not only better for workers, but it also benefits businesses, as employees are more likely to be engaged. Having engaged employees has been shown to have immense benefits; according to a study by Gallup, businesses with engaged employees see a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in employee productivity. As we’ve established, one way to improve employee experience is through the increased transparency that Sodales’ case management provides. Our software provides clarity throughout the entire case management process for employees so they can feel confident their needs are being met.

Respecting the privacy and rights of workers is another important component of a great employee experience. With our software, employees can file complaints, concerns and ask questions in a secure and efficient way. Additionally, our case management allows users to make their case submissions either visible or non-visible to their managers. This means it goes directly to their HR team or employee relations, making them feel confident to share information and feel that their privacy is being respected.

Streamlined Process Flows for Improved Operational Efficiency

Sodales case management software improves operational efficiency by providing streamlined process flows and pre-built content. This keeps the guess work out of submitting and handling cases, instantaneously gets information to the right teams, and saves employees time and energy. One specific example of how Sodales’ case management improves operational efficiency is through fields that dynamically populate with subcategories related to the main category selected. For example, if an employee is creating a leave request, they can then specify from a dynamically populated drop-down menu what kind of leave request, such as maternity/paternal, jury duty, compassionate care and more. For different categories, and subcategories, different requirements can be included, such as options to submit letters, links to relevant documents and download forms. Based on the case category, the case, once filed, will be automatically routed to the correct team. This enables a straightforward streamlined process and ensures that employee relations and HR teams are getting the critical information they need as soon as they need it.Case Management Software

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Sodales’ case management module allows organization to capture end-to-end data, from creation of incidents and cases, complete investigations, and corrective actions processes. Our software allows organizations to bridge gaps across departments and between employee and employer, improving communication and transparency. All these benefits can improve overall employee experience, and operational efficiency, saving your organization time and money.

Are you ready to let go of outdated methods for case management, and unite your organizations employee relations and health and safety business process? Request your personalized demonstration today to go over these features and discuss how Sodales for Enterprise Health, Safety and Employee Relations is the right fit for your organization.

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