ASUG HR Think Tank : Puget Sound Energy on taking their HR compliance and Labor Relations to the Next Level


August 6, 2020



North Americas’ top 10 public sector utilities (natural gas and hydro utilities) are leveraging Sodales Labor Relations for streamlining their relations with their unionized employees. By leveraging Sodales, they are proactively implementing fair actions and consistent policy interpretation for all labor relations cases, grievances, disciplines, job bidding, seniority, and arbitration with integrated CBAs and policy books. Over the past few years, these organizations have improved the performance of all supervisors in dealing with infractions to determine the need for further training & discipline programs. They have also managed corporate risk by identifying problematic policies and procedures to address at future bargaining sessions.

Sodales has helped utility organizations digitize their “seniority” through the Sodales seniority engine to calculate union employee seniority for eligibility for benefits, salary, statutory holiday, annual vacation pay, promotions, layoffs, and recalls.

Taking a proactive approach to labor relations means, addressing the issues that arise as they need to and forward with a proactive perspective to engage with employees to deliver:

  • Labor Relations Strategy
  • Labor Relations capability development in field operations.
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement evolution
  • Employee relations process automation
  • A reliable source of information regarding all the Labor Relations risks and issues.
  • Tracking progress to ensure these are being addressed and closed locally.
  • Consistent approach with our unions and associates where communication is fluid and transparent.
  • Defining the ideal future Labor Relations approach, identify the gaps, and clarify the roles to ensure everyone works towards reducing these gaps.
  • Equip our frontline leaders to conduct the local LR aligned to the standards defined and to our internal protocols.
  • Reduce NOS and actual strike occurrence
  • An automated process that leads the supervisor through the proper and agreed-upon process for handling each grievance or corrective action.
  • A single resource for accessing policies and procedures agreed upon by multiple bargaining units.
  • Personnel Rules and Regulations/Administrative Instructions/other policies are to be housed in the module to be easily pulled into the document being created.
  • Automatically launch legal correspondence to the author and/or approver regarding time limits and impending expiration.

Interested to hear more about the customer success through the Sodales Labor Relations Software available on the SAP App Center? Join this online event on August 20, 2020 –1:00pm2:00pm EDT.

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