Artificial Intelligence and SAP: The Backdrop


April 8, 2017

The reason a lot of time and money is spent on artificial intelligence is because of the belief that machines can have same thinking capabilities as humans. Since 1980s, AI has been a topic of debate with lot of funding gone dry as research has not resulted into meaningful products. This was because of the technologies available at that point in time.
However, even with these limitations, some of the leading enterprise application providers like SAP had come out with special purpose expert systems like rule based engines, in their business applications to incorporate complex business logics.

Since then, industry has made progress in AI research covering two major factors: Low cost and high performance GPU (graphic processing units) clubbed with big data providing the key ingredients to develop highly sophisticated machine algorithms and machine learning methods. The closest that companies achieved something commendable in AI research was the super computer developed by IBM – Deep Blue (remember the chess match between Deep Blue and Gary Kasparov in 1997).

Today lot of multinationals are investing heavily in AI research as they believe that Machine Learning is going to bring a major transformation in this field. SAP has also been investing tremendously in AI research, specifically in machine learning. Their objective is to bring intelligence into all enterprise applications. With a goal to bring organizations in this digital transformation journey, SAP sees tremendous potential in machine learning combined with big data and AI techniques to help businesses take informed decisions.


For example: SAP SuccessFactors uses machine learning to detect any bias in the recruitment process. Machine learning can also be used to short list the right CVs for a specific job. The beauty of machine learning here is that it’s a two directional process – identify the right candidate for the said job and match the best job position for the said candidate.
According to Forbes, only 44% of executives feel that their company is managing sales effectively and only 22% of companies are able to make accurate sales predictions. SAP uses machine learning to predict which opportunities are hot deals that can close and what actions should sales representative take to close the deal.

With cloud technologies like SAP Cloud Platform, SAP is on a journey to transform the definition of artificial intelligence among enterprise applications. Today SAP has a plethora of applications that are intelligence driven and having machine learning incorporated in them that do machine to machine communication and machine to human communication.

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