Achieving a Holistic View of Organizational Safety Excellence

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December 6, 2021

Achieving a Holistic View of Organizational Safety Excellence

Sodales Solutions joined Shelly Kramer of the Futurum Tech Webcast Interview Series to discuss how the right enterprise health, safety and environment management software can be a game changer for organizations.The cost of employee health and safety programs has become more than just a line on the budget sheet, and that is becoming more and more evident each day. A health and safety program that is poorly managed can result in major financial losses, as well as a loss in productivity among your workforce. It has been shown that workplace related injuries can cost organizations one billion dollars per week, and even more when you take into consideration the lost productivity. This has shifted the priorities of an organizations core employee experience, encouraging organizations to place a large emphasis on integrating health, safety, and environment management programs across their core business functions.In this interview we discuss the role technology plays in creating a holistic view of organizational excellence and why organizations are making workplace safety a priority. Join us to discuss all things health, safety and environment management including:

  • The current state of the health and safety industry including the common trends our customers are seeing today with a renewed focus on employee health and safety programs.
  • The common roadblocks that our customers are continually facing that are causing workplace related injuries that ultimately cost organizations a lot of money.
  • How our Health, Safety and Environment Management solution built on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) has really been a game changer for a lot of organizations and how it can help to make a difference for your organization’s health and safety programs.
  • Explore some use case examples that show how our solution has become an essential tool for different industries including manufacturing, the public sector and more.

Watch the video of the Futurum Tech Webcast here.If you’re interested in learning how your organization can integrate employee health and safety programs into your operations, contact our Sodales Solutions team today to schedule a demo.

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