A global leader in integrated systems manufacturing improves organizational risk reporting and employee safety (Customer Case Study)


April 14, 2020


Woodbridge, a global leader in integrated systems manufacturing, with more than 7,500 engineers, scientists, builders and creators in more than 63 facilities operating in 21 countries including China and Italy, is preventing global site risks with #sodales EHSEM solution for SAP SuccessFactors available on the #sapappcenter. The language translation and localization tools of our software are helping Woodbridge to enable site specific safety programs.

Business Benefits:

  • Health and Safety: Quickly adhere to changing local and global regulatory requirements without incurring expensive lead times (without IT support)
  • Business Continuity: Pre-built best practice for site and job safety tools for specific industry and location
  • Leading with Empathy: Employee assistance programs and unpaid time-off programs with HIPAA compliant video investigation tools

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